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I Love You, Let's Meet

pets drain my energy

this discriminating fellow was entertaining enough to bring me out of blog retirement (that and I’m procrastinating on my blind date book. Again, SEND ME YOUR BLIND DATE STORIES).

Actually, going out to California to meet this guy who’s about to become a billionaire turning health care, computers, agriculture, etc. into THE LIGHT would be a fascinating date.

Have at him, goddess-ladies.

Help Me Write My Next Book; Win Gratitude, Karma!

I need funny, bizarre blind date stories for a book that will come out next year. Tales with happy endings are welcome, but let’s face it, terrible dates usually make better stories. I’d especially like stories of dates set up by mutual friends, family or matchmaker, though great online-dating stories are welcome, too.

They can be short or long, however long it takes to tell the tale. (I’m guessing these will be stories you’ve told before.) I will change names and details to disguise you, and I will edit the writing, so don’t worry about polishing it. If you’d rather tell me the story over the phone than e-mail it, that’s fine too.

Please forward this call for submissions widely, along with my e-mail, letsmeet@virginiavitzthum.com.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Dudes, Make Love Not War

I’m miffed that this article does not tell me WHEN International Orgasm Day/cancelled orgy day is! (The day Israel started bombing Gaza, one wonders?)

online dating cheaper, but more confusing; cussing at cute animals funnier

fluffy little news piece about saving money online dating; and more filling one about our untapped ability to be happy.

Why can’t we curb our own dissatisfaction, especially when we’re wired to love the familiar?!! Worth pondering (capitalism, I’m looking at you, not just at online dating).

And when you’re done pondering, please do go here and achieve happiness again.

I join the Palin bloviation

on HuffingtonPost

I love you, but I’m taking a (possibly permanent) break

Well, the break has already begun as alert or even not-alert readers will have noticed. It feels odd having a blog and just drifting off and posting less and less, so I’m making it official. I shan’t be posting again (unless something earth-shattering in the world of Internet dating happens and I feel like blogging). I’m working on shifting virginiavitzthum.com into a straight-up author website.

(Wait, did I just do non-closure closure like all those Internet dates who drive us nuts by not just cleanly ending it? I think I did!)

So long! Thanks Kenneth and Steve and the other commenters who made blogging more fun than I expected it to be. And of course, thanks to Alberto the mastermind and not-evil genius.


it’s fun to say “douchebag”

and there’s also a point here about male dating columnists telling women that rude behavior is “natural,” so guys can’t help it. It tends to feel more like excusing or special pleading than explaining or arbitrating.

Guile in Ghana

Online dating in Ghana is a web of deceit. Daniel Pryce decodes some ads for us and corrects some spelling. (Double dang, nay, triple dang that he gives no link to his article on “the third leg”!)

phishing for phomance

Pretty funny account of a scam. The “hold a sign with my name” test is clever — unless the Pho-mancers have Pho-toshop.

flesh still willing

great title and book cover
and of course we all like to hear encouraging things about dating older. It seems particularly rosy now for gay Jewish men of a certain age; Bob Morris, in his 50s, found his guy and Michael Musto (“between 45 and death”) is on a hilarious tear of hook-ups.

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