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I Love You, Let's Meet » Carmen Electra called me

Carmen Electra called me

on the phone yesterday to invite me to join “her” new dating site and then today I saw Luvoo’s ad (Carmen had spelled it for me on the phone) advertised on one of my favorite sites, OK Cupid

I was on OKCupid replying to a married polyamorist who’d “woo’ed” me, asking him if I could link his profile here. OKCupid is great because it’s free and smart and the members write the personality quiz questions themselves. And it’s poly central; for some reason sleeping with people other than your “primary” is common among the Burning Mannish, Web-savvy techno-hippies who are on OKCupid.

So hopefully, he’ll say yes and maybe fill us monoamorists and negamorists in on the poly lush life.

Who IS Carmen Electra? I know she went out with Dennis Rodman, but is that what she’s famous for? She kind of looks like the very funny Jennifer Coolidge, doesn’t she?

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  1. Jim on June 21st, 2006

    If I’m not mistaken, Carmen is a member of the Pussy Cat Dolls, and before that she may or may not have run a brothel on the Lower East Side. Ok, I made that last part up, but I’d say she’s mostly famous for being sexy. And I’d bet the wickedly talented Jennifer Coolidge would be flattered by the comparison.

  2. Lovable Know-it-all on June 23rd, 2006

    Carmen Electra replaced Jenny McCarthy on MTV’s 1995-1998 dating show, Singled Out. She married Rodman after that. She was also in the cast of Baywatch and has been the muse to several rockers. She’s currently married to Dave Navarro, whom she courted and married in a reality-tv show on MTV. She’s a funny chick with decent business acumen, a philantropic streak, and a sense of humor about her augmentations and glitzy veneer. Who IS Jennifer Coolidge? Guess I don’t know it all.

  3. frankenweeny burger on June 24th, 2006

    …..carmen electra’s given name is tara leigh patrick…..

    ….and was born in 1972…….

    …..prince dubbed her carmen electra……..

    …..but the prince protege thing didn’t quite work out…….

    ……which is just as well…… 😀 ……

    ……her mtv reality show with dave navarro was awesome …….

    ……(so is ‘meet the barkers’)…….

    …….so is this blogg!!……..

    …….i’m hooked!……

    ….. 😀 ……

  4. […] so let me get this straight; because a cinematographer-producer-director’s “client list” (I don’t think of those being jobs associated with having clients) includes Joey Travolta (John’s brother?) a coupla dead people and someone from Motley Crue — oh and he shot a PSA starring Jamie Lee Curtis — I now want to join this dating site? I know we’re a celeb-besotted people but what exactly is the draw? (this is the same site that Carmen Electra called me about) Do I have a chance to date Chevy Chase, The Knack or Sally Kellerman? […]