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I Love You, Let's Meet » who’s doing this measuring?

who’s doing this measuring?

Went on craigslist this morning and found an oddly similar pair of numerical claims: this and this

don’t you kind of want to pit these two against each other in “intelligence” and “looks,” the only two arenas where they both claim statistical superiority? A Mr. Craigslist pageant-with-essay-questions maybe.

I have to dock smartness points from the one who also claims the top percentile in “height” and “penile girth” — because I’m picturing someone scaled like this

4 Comments so far

  1. Jim on July 13th, 2006

    Unless you’ve got a jaw that unhinges at will or your ladyland’s been stretched beyond recognition by, oh I don’t know, let’s say vaginally delivering full term quintuplets, what woman would really enjoy being with a man in the “highest percentile for penis girth?” Or what man, for that matter?

  2. Lovable Knowitall on July 13th, 2006

    Then there’s a phenomenon enough men apparently think is important enough for Norelco to hatch a marketing term for it: The Optical Inch. Go to http://www.shaveeverywhere.com/ (obnoxious Flash interface), click on Main Menu on the lower left and then on Optical Inch, sit back and enjoy! Must be seen/heard to be believed.

  3. Anne on July 14th, 2006

    I say there needs to be an independent audit. There are standards.

    And no, I’m not volunteering.

  4. virginia on July 14th, 2006

    You know, Jim, I managed to deliver my quintuplets orally by unhinging my jaw and I STILL don’t want a top-one-percenter.

    Also, “ladyland”?!? Is that what Jimi Hendrix meant?

    Also, that Norelco ad was some weird shit. You keep waiting for the guy to open his robe and flash his hairless body.