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I Love You, Let's Meet » could you call a service No Expectations?

could you call a service No Expectations?

ripped from the tabloids this morning: the NY Post headlines it “Lady’s Court ‘Date'”; the Daily News goes with “4G Can’t Buy Her Love” but both inexplicably leave out the name of poor Sara Valentine, 55, who spent almost $4,000 on dating service Great Expectations and never got set up on one single date. She’s suing the service for their failure to deliver.

Maybe one reason online dating’s so popular; it’s such a huge improvement over the matchmaking racket. You get control, you get to present yourself how you want, look and make contact and go on as many dates as you want, and you don’t (except if you stick with eharmony 3 1/2 years) spend four grand. What I hate most about eharmony, true.com, match.com and some of the others is their pushing their way into the paternalistic (maternalistic?) matchmaking niche, telling lonely, vulnerable people, “leave it to us, we can find you someone compatible better than you can.” And the people they come up with for you are inexplicable, according to everyone I’ve talked to and my own one experience. OK, according to everyone I’ve talked to until softball the other night, where I did meet two nice, appealing guys with good bat speed and strong arms who each had met their girlfriends on eharmony — the first real-life good thing I’ve EVER heard about this 50-bucks-a-month, conservative-Christian-run site.

I’ll next be blogging at you from the Pacific Northwest if my wireless works. I’m going to Seattle for two weeks with my nephews and to Portland for a few days where I’ll see Sleater-Kinney’s second-to-last show.

I’m thrilled to be escaping New York aka Soylent Green: The manhole covers outside my apt. have been rocketing up on a geyser of steam every night, Con Ed trucks are out all night, my electricity goes off 10 times a day, and to walk outside to escape your not-air-conditioned-enough apartment is to inhale hot soup flavored with piss, garbage and despair. Besides Miss Valentine’s striking back at her strikeout, the tabs also reported that 10 people died Thursday from the heat.

The tabs also report that Hispanic people think Yankees fans should stop booing A-Rod.

So here’s hoping while I’m gone that A-Rod gets his pretty, overpriced head straightened out, that the weather cools off, and that Sara Valentine falls in love with her lawyer.

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  1. kmcleod on August 7th, 2006

    According to the online version of the Post story, Valentine is suing them for illegally overcharging her. There’s some state law that says that even if you guarantee dating results, you can’t charge a customer over $1000. If she does fall in love with her lawyer, I hope that her legal fees won’t have surpassed that amount.

    Down here, D.C. reminds me of “Logan’s Run”: the U.S. Capitol half-submerged in swampland, skimpily-dressed youths frolicking until they spontaneously combust, and girls with Farrah Fawcett hair and orange skin. The Washington Post says that there was going to be a cologne for A-Rod, but that it was making people choke.