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the online dating dance and other seasonal miseries

so I’m writing a man on nerve and I’m not sure what we’re doing. I wrote him first; he was totally my type, tall and gaunt, polysyllabic, a little obscure, funny, odd, unfashionable. The dreaded Who’s Viewed You feature showed me he checked me out right away — but took two weeks to write back. He was indirect, just picked up on a joke in my profile and made no other reference to me or “us” or dating or anything. So I waited a few days and wrote something equally brainy and non-directed, you know, casual, and so it’s been going, a message every week or so, and I’m not sure what one does now.

I mean I half like it not being all normal and datey and I sort of like the riffing and verbal play and all, and I don’t mind being the initiator, and it’s not like I like any of the guys contacting me…. It just makes me feel fatigued, you know?

As does daylight savings time, end of baseball, Halloween’s passing. From here on in, it’s not just cold and dark early, it’s that string of holidays designed to make single people feel like shit. Yes, I said designed. I DO think the pilgrims and Baby Jesus and Gregor the calendar dude and Saint Valentine and Hallmark all conspired to make us feel lousy through February. While we huddle inside, bantering with strangers at our computers.

Maybe I’ll skip that flu shot….

as comfortable in jeans as in a…

ooooh, this is so new, so fresh, so not-last-week!

I love how they’re trying to tart up the ancient Hawaiian condition Lackanookie as the newest fashion. Next comes the magazine story enthusing about this sexy trend: Is Frigid the New Hot?!?

spinster, heal thyself

boy, is this not a good advertisement for this matchmaker’s services. Unless it would be unethical to skim the best bachelors for oneself, like insider trading or something.

my favorite craigslist post ever

this sadly didn’t make it into the book. It’s sort of inspiring that this gal got about 20 replies to this ad! Talk about free to be you and me.

Speaking of the book, bound galleys appeared at my apt. yesterday. A booklike object has my name on it, which is very exciting.

offline sight that harshed my mellow today

I’ve seen some gross shit in the subway, but today new heights were scaled. Starting about three feet off the ground, on the white tile wall at the Union Square L platform, was a brown stain about three inches across, trailing a stripe that culminated in a large pile of brown puree on the ground.
Reader, I hoped that it was puke.
OK, this is really weird. Just now, as I was typing, my cat Linus just projectile vomited.

Online dating connection to this calvacade of horrors? Uh….No wonder people would rather live virtually!! RL is gross!

Oh god, Here comes Linus, he’s always snuggly after he pukes and I don’t want to shun him because it’s bad enough after you barf without getting shunned too.

the boss, c’est moi!

It’s true I miss the old skin, but I am endlessly grateful to Lovable Know It All (LKIA) for slaving over the code. And I do like that you can pick your own color now. Is your mood indigo? So can the blog be!
Besides, isn’t life just one long skin-slough anyway? Don’t get too used to anything, like my werewolf uncle used to say.

Thanks again, LKIA.

New Skin

If you’re wondering who broke the look and feel, I DID! You see, I upgraded the blog engine and the previous theme/skin broke in the process—it was a real mess. So, it having happened in the middle of the night, I made an executive decision and chose a new theme, one that defaulted to red but able to change at a reader’s whim by hir clicking on the color squares on the upper right. Pretty neat except that the boss doesn’t like the default–red–scheme. So, the look and feel may change again.

I’m open to criticism so let me have it.

Lovable Know It All

meet a rich ilitarate or hotie

you want to make fun of a site like sugardaddie.com, but they do it for you

art shouldn’t stand you up

so I went over to this opening which I mentioned a few days ago.

And there was nobody there. Did the gallery see me coming and not like my looks and rush to turn its lights off and lock its door?

I wasn’t the only one that bastard art show stood up; others were waiting outside the shuttered gallery too. No sign or anything.

Isn’t that odd? Could it be part of Miller’s stated objective “to acquaint myself with the protocols of Internet dating”? Were we stood-ups milling on the sidewalk being filmed maybe?