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I Love You, Let's Meet » ooooh, this is so new, so fresh, so not-last-week!

ooooh, this is so new, so fresh, so not-last-week!

I love how they’re trying to tart up the ancient Hawaiian condition Lackanookie as the newest fashion. Next comes the magazine story enthusing about this sexy trend: Is Frigid the New Hot?!?

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  1. max hanlin on October 19th, 2006

    I’ll have to quibble with the basis of your irony since celibacy has always – always – been hot. Wherein the irresistible appeal of the nun and the priest. Unless you insist upon chaining ses to those early 20th century ideas of nookie as nothing more than a “healthy” form of exercise essential for clearing one’s psychological plumbing, keeping the fluids pumping and so forth.

    I’ve known more than one guy to fall hard for the frigid girl. Determined to crack the ice and feel it melt even at the risk of being stuck like lips on steel at 20 below.

    And how can I not add that there’s nothing like hunger to heighten the power of your senses.

  2. virginia on October 20th, 2006

    Well, yeah, Max, things taste better when you’re hungry. But there’s also this exasperating, Murphy’s Law thing of as soon as you’re finally getting some and have that bounce in your step and flush to your cheek, that’s when everybody suddenly wants you! Albert Brooks had a great little speech in Broadcast News about how unfair it is that loneliness and desperation aren’t what make us sexually appealing.

  3. max hanlin on October 20th, 2006

    Albert Brooks? Hmm, come now Ms. Vitzthum, I’m sure you can find some more contemporary celebrity to quote on the neg-a-tives of not being hot. And maybe something more interesting than how “unfair it is”.

    I mention the advantages of heightened sensual powers gained from fasting to argue not that when you eat things taste better but to suggest there are advantages, in themselves, to maintaining a state of heightened sensitivity.

    Curious that you hasten to make outward one’s appeal, “when everybody suddenly wants you!” key to the overall quality of one’s sexual life. If this is true what of the vast masses of hum-hum mugs and bod’s who are not gittin’ it regular, who can not hope for much in the way of recent-sex sex appeal, almost forever lacking in that bounce and flush of the freshly fucked.

    Again I must speak up for the sexiness of refusing sex where, any day of our Judeo-Christian week, s/he who sexplicitly(sic) doesn’t is hotter than s/he still sweating from the rote humping and convulsions that engender most encounters, only vaguely more interesting than the barnyard requirements animal stock needed to keep up the herd. Oh, yes, yes. I do know, the sexual celibate will miss the aerobic advantages and may loose the terrific tummy firming benefits. But when can we have it all, really? Can we?

  4. virginia on October 20th, 2006

    Sorry Albert Brooks wasn’t hot or fresh enough of a reference.

    What a strange leap, Max, from my saying people who’ve just had sex are sexy to your assuming I only mean young, firm hotties. Au contraire, bouncey-stepping, flushed-from-sex sexiness is the kind available to all humans, the most egalitarian, natural sexiness. Might I direct you and any other reader to Stripped of Our Senses in the stuff I’ve written part of the blog, under “elle….”

    Weird that this inner-versus-outer sexiness is coming up so much (and bizarre to be accused of being an outie when I’m like so not!). Three people have sent me this Times piece today about women dressing like prostitutes for Halloween.

    http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/19/fashion/19costume.html?_r=1&adxnnl=0&adxnnlx=1161270339-bcouIsMSE5u9hFyCR i1YA&pagewanted=all#

    Now I think there IS something to be said for taking a break from sex if it’s obscuring your self-knowledge. “People want to fuck me, therefore I am” can be a sort of default in an unexamined life and seems like it plays a big part in your basic mid-life crisis.

    As to having it all, man, am I ever not the one to answer *that* rhetorical question! I plan to some day counter those endless women’s magazines articles about balancing high-powered career, husband and kids that inevitably refer to “having it all” with my own manifesto: “Having None of It.”