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I Love You, Let's Meet » 80s flashback

80s flashback

this wrap-up of an online dating convention is taking me back to the Reagan years. (Scroll about halfway down for the stuff on video dating. Though ladies night is also a rather (w)hoary concept.) I remember the show thirtysomething and SNL doing things on video dating; the SNL skit was a guy making his own rock video dancing around singing “My name is Herb, I’m a dental hygienist.”

So video dating has been right on the verge of tipping for at least 20 years, sort of like my old neighborhood, Mount Rainier, Maryland. Though Mt. Rainier may have tipped by now. I heard the little house I almost bought for 95 grand in 2000 is now worth 250.

If it were me marshalling out the tech resources, I’d forgo the videoconference and just go meet my online date while my robot maid cleaned my apt. And I’d get to the date via my jetpack. Something about the videoconferencing disturbs me: In my book, it’s the two older, and most sexist, guys who most wanted to check out the girls on film before committing to a drink or coffee.

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  1. JohnG on November 3rd, 2006

    Hi VV,
    Well, I’m a member of the Jetsons generation, so I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time. As long as my online wife’s name was Judy (or we could have some boudoir “scenes” 😉 😉 where she was a willing and enthusiastic “Judy” in our domestic Grand Guiniole, I’m in. But I refuse to take any responsibility for Astro, nor will I do it on AstroTurf while drinking Tang, pun intended.

    Video dating used in this way is a “Weeeee’re offff…” [to see the Wizard] first step on the road to virtual sex, stepford spouses, and that margaret atwood book–you know the one. Socially irresponsible use of technology. Thank you Adam Smith.

  2. rednaxela on November 3rd, 2006

    ok, then. not going to try and compete with the above for wit. an online dating conference seems strange and somehow wrong. don’t these people know that being online, video or not, means never having to meet?

  3. dorothy_parka on November 3rd, 2006

    didn’t uh, what’s her name, jessica, jessica someone…jessica hahn? god, that does not at all sound right, but she “hosted” a faux tv/video dating show that was basically just an infomercial for _something_… they’d show video dating profiles and you’d call a 900# and leave a message for Julie or Don or whoever… the 80s were a scary and mysterious time. things were all different then. hair was bigger, midnight oil was popular. whoever calls a 900# anymore? i miss the 900-peee girl, the extra e was for extra pee. you weren’t in NYC then, you probably don’t know about her.

  4. virginia on November 4th, 2006

    I bet it was Jessica Hahn, who became famous for accusing televangelist Jim Bakker of drugging and raping her and then went on to pose for Playboy, go out with Sam Kinison, and be on Howard Stern.

    A case of when life gives you shit, make shitade.

  5. Edmund on February 21st, 2007

    Does anyone have a link to that SNL skit? “My name is Needleman; I’m an Oral Surgeon. I’m 31. I like Star Trek and Barabar Streisand, and I’m tired of being a virgin…” It was hilarious and I want to send it to my dentist…