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I Love You, Let's Meet » “horror”? “nightmare”?

“horror”? “nightmare”?

the second-strangest thing about this story and others like it is how the women characterize meeting a guy who’s balder than his picture as something so horrifying they’re permanently suffering PTSD or something. It ain’t Darfur, babies, it’s an hour out of your life with someone who put up an old picture.

The first-strangest thing is of course paying someone who doesn’t know you 25 grand to find you a mate. Who are these morbidly sensitive, seemingly friendless, obscenely rich lonelyhearts?

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  1. dorothy_parka on November 6th, 2006

    one personals date i had, way way back in the old days of newspaper personals, the guy was very insistent about his full head of hair. in fact, at first, in his message (remember they had to leave messages? guys paid like $1.50 to leave me a message???) i thought he said he was 400 pounds, but then he said he was fit and i figured that 400 pounds was actually “full head of hair.” and then when we spoke he mentioned this full head of hair. AGAIN. thing was, he didn’t! it wasn’t! not that i cared very much. it was receding. he obviously had issues with that because he was only like 34.

  2. kmcleod on November 7th, 2006

    Paying someone to find you a mate. Looking for love the same way one looks for a job, car or home is becoming chronic in this culture. They’re using matchmakers the same way as headhunters are used, or real estate agents. A service provided for a fee. You and your spouse afterwards can then plan a designer gene baby, or rescue one from an impoverished country in order to avoid unpleasant surprises resulting from the random joining of your DNA. Every penny spent along the way is an investment in familial happiness.

  3. virginia on November 7th, 2006

    I’m not so horrified by the fact of paying as you, Kenneth. I spent money on nerve.com and match.com and J-date, and yeah, I could deduct it while I wrote the book and I could call it “research,” but I was essentially paying money to maximize my chances to meet a nice fella. I suppose I’m doing the same thing by paying more rent to live in a cool part of Brooklyn where I’ll run across more eligibles than if I lived somewhere cheaper out further.

    What’s weird to me about the matchmaker thing is that you don’t even get to do the looking like you do online dating. I’m questioning what possible expertise this stranger could have in your heart.

    I loved what you wrote about the Odyssey, BTW.