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I Love You, Let's Meet » MrSentitive


I don’t have many blog rules for myself (obviously nothing like Post every day). The only one I strongly advocate is Don’t be mean. Mean can be compelling, but it ends up making you feel a little sick. And there’s way more of it than anyone needs online.

So all I’m going to say about MrSentitive is that MrSentitive is his handle. I won’t even tell you what site he Winked at me from.
I wrote him a note and fibbed that I have a boyfriend. I truthfully added that, nonetheless, as a copyeditor, I thought I should warn him that his headline lookth thilly. So hopefully, he’ll fix the misspelling and find love.
And thus do I justify my mocking an illiterate bachelor as not just not-bad, but proactively kind. I am a cyberangel, or at least Myth Thentitive.

2 Comments so far

  1. JohnG on November 15th, 2006

    I couldn’t find Mr. S. on Craigslist via the link. Maybe he ran spell-check and is now rocking his soul in the bosom of Abraham’s daughter. And I was gonna bust you for being mean, but it’s been a while since I read the Rants & Raves, after a perusal of the page and several drill-downs, I concluded that you, VV, are in fact this man’s CyberAngel.

    The R&R posters I saw are mostly people who are, against the advice of counsel, sweating the small stuff. The acidity of the bile apparently deemed appropriate for things that would not begin to make it on to the list of the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to is so extreme, that it makes me think something else is going on in there.

    What occurs to me is that the CL R&Rs has become a public space for something akin to online primal-scream therapy. Primal therapy, btw, is a bona fide psychotherapeutic approach, so that’s not my beef–in fact, it seems I don’t have a beef, just an observation that the realtor’s mantra, “Location 3X”, should guide the venues of our meanness.

    In plain English, if the guy is posting in CL R&Rs, he’s fair game within those “walls” if he’s over the age of consent. Adults don’t get on the bumper car ride at Playland unless they’re ready to be crashed into. So, VV, you went kind of easy on him, didn’t you? You know what to do… Just be context-sentitive, you know?

  2. virginia on November 25th, 2006

    I wrote a misleading post. Mr Sentitive wrote me on a real, paying, post-yr-picture site. I just used CL Rants & Raves as a generic example of the Web being mean (and to sort of ease my guilt about being mean because I’m not THAT mean).

    Primal scream therapy is generally done with just a therapist, right? I think when you spew all this bile out into the World Wide Web, it’s more aggressive, less therapeutic. But what do I know? Maybe these folks do get better-adjusted just by pushing Send on some Rant/Rave about fat chicks or Asian men or whatever.