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I Love You, Let's Meet » i can see for (too many) miles

i can see for (too many) miles

this kind of sweet story got me thinking about all the Internet peepholes I wish I didn’t know about. Besides googling-the-ex, there’s also “Last Logged In [date]” on the dating sites as well as one that disturbs me so much I never use it — “Who’s Viewed Me.” The first time I realized my every idle peek was being recorded, I felt my brain had been invaded. I’m just looking, man!

Online dating friends tell me this is a whole form of communication, the viewing of the view, and then the return viewed view, but these shy cyber-glances had never been, as they say, the way I roll.

Does anyone else hate Who’s Viewed Me? And knowing exactly when everyone, including you, was last online? Does anyone else long for shades to shield you from peeping Toms out there and blinders for your own Tom tendencies/temptations?

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  1. rednaxela on November 30th, 2006

    sorry, vivi– i’m not with you on this one. i LOVE “who’s viewed you.” i live for it. i’m looking at it now. and i never try and hide that i’ve looked at other peoples’ profiles (which you can do), cuz i don’t mind them knowing and want to see if they look back. my only concern is that they’ll think i didn’t like them if i looked but didn’t write. so i say in my profile to take it as a compliment. i do.

  2. virginia on December 2nd, 2006

    But it IS a rejection if you viewed them and didn’t write them! How is that a compliment? checked you out, moving on now, ta-ta!

  3. karen on December 2nd, 2006

    So every moment someone is not chatting you up, you are being rejected? Tough way to live.

    Though I wouldn’t necessarily take a profile view as a compliment, either.

    I’ve definitely looked at people’s profiles and been interested or intrigued but didn’t contact them. Because usually, yeah, I’m just browsing.

    I think some people like the “who’s viewed you” feature because it puts you on someone’s radar. Someone who may not even know you exist otherwise. Kinda like leaving the house, or making eye contact with a stranger.

  4. virginia on December 4th, 2006

    I think I see where I’m diverging from red and karen on this: I never “just browse.” I don’t look at profiles that often, but when I do, I’m very much looking for someone to write to and hopefully (yeah, I know I’m using that word wrong but you know what I mean) meet. I don’t have a hotlist either.

    But the browsing, flirting, glancing way makes sense, it’s integrating computer life and real life (RL) more seamlessly. I certainly do all that stuff in RL; there’s no reason not to use the computer the same way.

    Thanks, I feel less dissed by the Viewers-not-Writers now!

  5. karen on December 4th, 2006

    Today I really hate the feature that allows you to see when someone was last logged in.

    I started talking to someone on Nerve over a month ago. We haven’t met yet, but only because it’s long-distance (Chicago-New York). We’ve been e-mailing fairly frequently, and we seem to like each other (as much as we can without having met). He’s coming to visit this weekend.

    But today, having not heard from him in four days (in which time I wrote twice), and getting a little antsy about the impending visit, I checked to see if he’d been on Nerve at all, and was informed that indeed, he was online earlier today.

    And he wasn’t in my Who’s Viewed You, so he wasn’t logged in to moon over my profile, either!

    I wish I hadn’t checked!

  6. WhoGoesThere on December 5th, 2006

    I like to know who’s viewing me, too. And when I feel like lurking, I turn that function off — then no one knows that you’ve been looking at them. You can make your profile hidden temporarily, as well. No one will look at it until you turn it back on.

    But don’t you want to be checked out by others, VV? Why wouldn’t you want to know who had noticed you, or who hadn’t bothered?

    K, that sucks about the guy in Chi — But maybe it’s good to get a hint of this before meeting?