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she’s not an online dater, and she didn’t write about online dating but my friend Dana wrote a great article about blogs’ relationship to MSM

One of the reasons she never online dated is that she met her husband (before Internet dating took off) through a friend — who was that again? Oh yeah, ME. They’re one of my proudest yenta accomplishments.

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  1. kmcleod on December 29th, 2006

    I’ve been so busy since being chosen Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. I thought “The Penguin in Cinema” would be picked, so I was genuinely surprised when chosen. As I use my new celebrity status to pick up chicks, I still suspect a profit-minded bit of flattery in Time’s decision. Magazines and newspapers seem to chase and woo new social technologies–and their indisciplines–in a way that’s unnecessary. Walter Lippmann’s virtues can still be preserved if papers run their blogs like an electronic variation on the special interest and leisure columns that they already print.

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