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I Love You, Let's Meet » shout-out to OKCupid

shout-out to OKCupid

I guess part of my problem, boyfriendlessness-wise, is that I am an adolescent boy trapped in a middle-aged woman’s body. I can’t bear to spend any time on the super-scientificsalesyserious-find-your-spouse sites, but I crack up reading OKCupid’s pages of user-devised tests like Do You Have Free Will?; Do You Know Your Glam Rock?; Which Babylon 5 Ambassador Are You?; and all the variations on Are You Him/Her? like Are You Snazzy Enough for Me? and Are You My Dream Guy? The OKCupid folks illustrate the latter type of test with a diagram of a torso with X-ray vision of guts, which works as either navel-gazing or gut-spilling. It’s the only site clearly run by people with senses of humor.

And the bachelors on OKCupid are invariably interesting. Because the site skews young, I captioned my picture “old enough to be most of your all’s cool aunt,” but I just found a note in my mailbox from CodgerDaDog with the subject header “Old?” He’s 82 and “still rocking”!!!

According to OKCupid’s How Long Will You Live Test, I shall make it to 82, and since the site is free, I’ll probably still be on it. I’ll have to remember to update my photo.

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