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I Love You, Let's Meet » world premiere of I Love You Let’s Meet: The YouTube Musical

world premiere of I Love You Let’s Meet: The YouTube Musical

and you can attend in your PJs!

If you like it, please visit YouTube (you can also click on the movie after it’s done to get there) and comment and rate it and pass it on (very easy to register).

I hope you like it. It was so fun to make, and I love having creative, talented friends who can whip up a little movie in a week: M. David Hornbuckle (he really does have a ukelele!) and Mary Myers and Diane Bernard (who’s making a great documentary that doesn’t have a website yet) and Claire Kirk and Esin Egit.

4 Comments so far

  1. karen on January 21st, 2007

    This is SO well done.

    I love the “least favorite memes.”

    The heading on my Nerve profile says I’m as as comfortable in the East Village as on the Lower East Side. Tee hee.

    Yes, the Internet is full of people who like to go out some nights and stay in other nights, and find that distinctive enough to put in their profiles.

    My other  favorites are “Unfaithful” as the movie with their favorite sex scene, 9/11 as most humbling moment, and all the adventurous NYC singles who want to “explore all the city has to offer.”

  2. jamy on January 21st, 2007

    It’s wonderful! I’m definitely linking. I’ll also be posting a review of the book soon…today or tomorrow (I was sent an advance copy). Don’t worry–I have good things tosay.

  3. kmcleod on January 22nd, 2007

    NOW, suddenly, the computer I use can play vid on YouTube and at your blog. Don’t know why it didn’t before. No complaints, though. Caught up with Dawn Eden’s “Fifth Floor Walkup Homesick Blues” video. As a fun video grown from personal experience, it’s fine. But as an advertisement pushing a way of life, it’s too myopic. I wondered about the bittersweet ambiguity of the daters at the end of Virginia’s “John and Mary: 2007” video, but bittersweet ambiguity at the end of any advertisement is supposed to get you to pursue the product. Eden’s vid, on the other hand, spills out its whole message, exhausting one’s curiosity to check out the book. Virginia’s promotional wins. Next case!

  4. blueisNOTfat on January 24th, 2007

    um. Virg. My cat has been getting strange phone calls…. at night….. Yesterday a dead bird was thrown through the window asking if Blue had an agent…. I don’t know if Blue is cut out for all this exposure.