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true romance

My new big-sister blog HuffPo is helping me solicit stories

Here’s the first one that came in, it’s sweet. And makes me grateful that I’ve never discussed “extremities” with any date, on- or offline.

I met my husband online in 1997. I had moved 2500 miles for a job, had a 7 year old son, and hated the bar scene with a burning passion. I worked full-time so didn’t have much time for hobby clubs, etc., which led me to try an online dating service. Of course the only friend I’d made at that point mocked me endlessly, but I figured I didn’t have anything
lose so tried a trial.

Tackling the profile was soul-wrenching, especially since I’m not a 110
pound Barbie, but I figured I’d be honest and hope for the best. I chose
a username that I thought was appropriate (veryindependent) and put
myself on the cyber dating scene. I received seven or responses, all of
which I answered. I met three of them in real life, the last of which
was my husband. I think that I avoided some of the common pitfalls
because I was honest, because I’m not terribly aesthetically pleasing,
and because if they didn’t have perfect punctuation I was immediately

I remember the first contact my husband made. I read the email and
thought, “Someone has stepped on this poor man’s heart!” He was
endearingly self-depracating and had a dry sense of humor. He didn’t
mention the size of his extremities, nor did he inquire as to the size
of mine. He was happy to talk on the phone when I offered it, and he
didn’t hesitate to meet in real life so I wasn’t worried that he had
something to hide.

Our first date we had dinner and spent an hour in Barnes and Noble
browsing books, and I knew that I liked him very much. On our second
date we went to the arboretum and he cheerfully helped me find and read the signs on each and every tree, and I was hooked.

We now have a five year old son together and I can’t imagine anything
ever breaking us up. And my friend who made fun of me? Happily married to someone she met through the same site! I don’t know if I would do it now, there are too many horror stories of people who are deceitful and dishonest, not to mention just looking to talk dirty, but it was the best decision I could have made ten years ago.

Ms. C_________, you’ve won yourself a signed book! Thanks for writing.

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