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a 9-year-old already wrote this story

OK, this story from the LA Times is life imitating very youthful art.

I volunteer at this amazing children’s theatre and back in November-December I was one of 10 grown-ups paired with a kid to help them write short plays that then got staged at the Public Theatre with professional actors. So one of the kids, 9-year-old Wendell Flowers, wrote a great little musical about thwarted love between John and Rose, in which a mean bully sets up a website called Rose.com to make John think she is looking for boyfriends on the Internet.

All misunderstandings were cleared up by the final act in the closing song “Remember/Bullies.” It was a wonderful play, and even at nine, Wendell had the sophistication not to name a character “Valentine”!

“My” kid, Doris Alcantara, also wrote a play that had some online dating themes, about a poet who describes his perfect woman in a poem he drops in the woods, and then a park ranger very much fitting his description finds it and sings it as a song, and then sings about her dream guy’s qualities, and he walks up and they duet. It was so beautiful, like a little opera! I am embarrassed to admit that not until I’d written and we’d filmed OUR little YouTube opera did I realize, Oh my god, it’s Doris’s play with a sad ending.

It’s hard to be original.

match.com the McDonald’s of online dating

Big, bland Match has bought dating sites in France and China as part of its quest to fill the world with more empty American e-calories.

I assume in China eDodo doesn’t evoke extinction.

DC numbers crunched

The enterprising Wayan has blogged a breakdown of DC residents dating on fastcupid.com. (He calls it “salon personals,” but as a DC resident who heard me on Diane Rehm just this very afternoon wrote to me, what I was calling “nerve” also has people who got on via salon, actforlove, the Onion, etc. Since I rather hate what’s become of the site since fastcupid brought it in September 2005, I don’t want to help with its branding, but I’m trying to be accurate here.)

So, back to the DC online daters. I was cheered to see Men Seeking Women: 4,303 and Women Seeking Men: 2,744. I lived there 1991-2000 and I just KNEW all the alarmist statistics weren’t true. You would constantly hear “There are 13 single women for every single man in DC,” and I’d be like, What are you talking about: It’s the city of class presidents, ferchrissake. DC probably has more gay men than gay women, so maybe things are a bit skewed, but not 13-to-1 skewed.

An even bigger gender surprise, though, is among the 2-men couples seeking a third person. 62 of those couples seek a man, OK, that’s your frisky gay guys for you. But 384 2-men couples are seeking a woman!!! Who are you guys? Straight men figuring they’ll isolate the kinky women? Gay men trying to retrain themselves a la the Christian right? Bisexuals? Y Tu Mama Tambien fans? Is it a thing from porn? I thought one man and multiple ladies was the porn thing.

Younger men are way more comfortable with bisexuality than the over-40s, I’ve noticed, so maybe it’s all young’uns. Would anyone like to be my DC intern and answer some of these ads and find out?

beware snakes in that New Age grass

this sounds all well and good for single New Agers, but one of the biggest scoundrels in my book slithered around a similar site called conscioussingles.com.

I have a friend who’s using dharmamatch.com; perhaps she’ll give us a review.

dog bites man:

People care about relationships! This WSJ article about e-harmony had a few nuggets new to me: that the site will turn you away if you call yourself a “4” on all its 436 questions or if you have 3 or more ex-spouses.

Also the thing at the end, that between IMing, texting and e-mail, kids would give up e-mail. Y? Mks no sens 2 me.

walking the snake

the quote about turning off potentials by taking your snake or cat to the park is definitely my favorite part of this article about pet-lovers’ sites.

I had no idea that these sites sometimes combine with pet-breeding sites. Mightn’t it be awkward to watch your dogs hump on a first date?

In personal pet news, I’m down to one cat, Linus, the striped one in my author photo. (I’m thinking about shaving him to get some media attention a la Britney.) I gave my other cat, who tended to smack Linus around, to my friend Alexander, and they’re bonding up a storm. Now I find myself wanting a French bulldog, or some mutt approximation thereof. I’m thinking of a little batface dog as a reward for when I sell my second book. Then I’ll be around the apt. a lot, and walkies are such good writing procrastinations.

minister seeks guy

Here’s a cute essay by a woman that I don’t think will have too much trouble. Yes, there’s the challenge, the uniqueness, the thrill of the formerly chaste, but what I noticed is two football references and a software-hardware metaphor. She thinks like a guy, which should serve her well.

And after Jesus, most guys are going to seem refreshingly down-to-earth and present.

nick hornby seeks she-Nick-Hornby

As a bit of a music geek myself, I kind of like this premise for an MTV dating show. To quote my book (look, don’t give me shit for self-quoting, it’s just that I already thought about how I want to put it) on the charms of sharing sensibilities: “Nothing feels lonelier than enthusing to someone who couldn’t care less, or wondering, “He thinks THAT’S great?” Plus there’s an appealing modesty to fans …. Fans are often shy about their strong feelings and refract them through gushing praise for a book or a mix tape of love songs. They’re grateful somebody shares their passion rather than demanding that a stranger inspire it.”

ladies’ night every night in France

I loves me my cultural generalizations, but the only one I see here is that the French sites don’t charge women, which takes away from online dating’s basic gender equality. Which equality is not everyone’s bag, so rather than blathering on about how the pedestal doubles as a prison, I’ll just shrug and say vive la difference.

more rocks thrown at e-harmony

Yet another good diss of my favorite online dating Goliath.

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