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I Love You, Let's Meet » DC numbers crunched

DC numbers crunched

The enterprising Wayan has blogged a breakdown of DC residents dating on fastcupid.com. (He calls it “salon personals,” but as a DC resident who heard me on Diane Rehm just this very afternoon wrote to me, what I was calling “nerve” also has people who got on via salon, actforlove, the Onion, etc. Since I rather hate what’s become of the site since fastcupid brought it in September 2005, I don’t want to help with its branding, but I’m trying to be accurate here.)

So, back to the DC online daters. I was cheered to see Men Seeking Women: 4,303 and Women Seeking Men: 2,744. I lived there 1991-2000 and I just KNEW all the alarmist statistics weren’t true. You would constantly hear “There are 13 single women for every single man in DC,” and I’d be like, What are you talking about: It’s the city of class presidents, ferchrissake. DC probably has more gay men than gay women, so maybe things are a bit skewed, but not 13-to-1 skewed.

An even bigger gender surprise, though, is among the 2-men couples seeking a third person. 62 of those couples seek a man, OK, that’s your frisky gay guys for you. But 384 2-men couples are seeking a woman!!! Who are you guys? Straight men figuring they’ll isolate the kinky women? Gay men trying to retrain themselves a la the Christian right? Bisexuals? Y Tu Mama Tambien fans? Is it a thing from porn? I thought one man and multiple ladies was the porn thing.

Younger men are way more comfortable with bisexuality than the over-40s, I’ve noticed, so maybe it’s all young’uns. Would anyone like to be my DC intern and answer some of these ads and find out?

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  1. Antozilla on February 27th, 2007

    Hmm not surprising. I suspect that is not just a DC stat but a stat for online dating as a whole with some sites having a greater percentage of men than others (gay.com not doesn’t count). This may be cultural as more men are into computers than women, who knows. From a female friend’s experience, Singles.net is especially men heavy.