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Podcast of WGN Chicago interview

Got the power of the A.M. on WGN-Chicago, got the turnpike, got the radio on! It was a live interview on the 6-degree Saturday night before Valentine’s Day. I’d had a couple glasses of wine, but I did not, as Alberto feared, slur to DJ Nick, “I love you man, let’s meet.”

let him pain once time only rather than thousand times at

Who, who, who is the author of this strange and beautiful poem that turned up in my Google Alert? I quote the last line above, but many others are just as wonderful in a poignantly low-self-esteem way.

In particular: “He may be too kind or handsome for you.” I’m going to have to remember that one next time I want to politely decline further contact.

podcast of interview with PsychJourney

Had a nice chat today with Deborah Harper of PsychJourney, also posted at psychology podcasts and social science podcasts.

where the boys are

looking for gay men and mail-order brides, says this study, while the women flock to seniors, other women bitching about bad dates, Latinos, Catholics and millionaires.

Knowledge is power; now I know to sign up on gay.com, where the men are plentiful, in great shape and will go see Kiki and Herb with me.

an avalanche of disappointment

here’s things I observed in my book, borne out by experiments. Not surprising, but still interesting, that women were more disappointed than men because they were more caught up in romantic fantasy about their mystery dates.

Also fascinating in a rueful, Magnetic-Fields-song kind of way that one negative trait leads to an “avalanche” — that’s how fragile the fantasy is.

This link from that story was slightly more cheering: I’m not a slut after all, I’m creative!

would we ruggedly individualistic yanks go for this?

this Japanese dating configuration kind of appeals to me, but it’s also obviously less efficient and potentially painful. I bet a lot of times all four gals want the same guy or vice versa.

In the 90s, my friend Barbara and I placed a double-date personal ad in the Washington City Paper, and we both liked the same guy. I don’t think either guy liked either of us “that way.” But it was less boring than being stuck with one person you don’t hit it off with. And if social ease matters to you, it is good to see a potential mate interact with others, I suppose.

I know why he’s “Unwilling to Relocate” and “Never active”

notice anything fishy about this Norwegian farmer on J-date?? He was sent to me by a Dr. Ruthless, who heard me on NPR and remarked on how this guy sounded like Borat.

But what I noticed is that he’s a sculpture! I just saw this show and so recognize this J-dater, who lied about his weight and height: He’d be about 15 feet tall if he got up from his crouch.

Virginia on Diane Rehm!

Virginia was on the Diane Rehm Show on Valentine’s Day! If you didn’t tune in, you can listen to it here (podcast also available!). During her DC trip great forces conspired against our intrepid friend. Still, she managed to make time to get together with friends and helped dig a certain smarty pants’ car out of solid ice!

I Love You, Let’s Eat

Check out this awesome cake that Diane made! She’s also a filmmaker and the director of ILYLM, The Musical!

Tonight’s Reading Cancelled :(

Because of the sheet of ice that is much of the DC area for the next couple of days, tonight’s reading at Border’s (18th & K Sts, NW) has been cancelled.

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