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government-subsidized online dating

At first I looked askance at this use of the Singapore govt’s money, but then I thought, Hey, it’s better than where my tax dollars are going. The next time I go out to protest some hideousness Bush is perpetrating, my sign can say “Build Couples, Not Empire.”

new office betting pool?

Would you really brag about making the Final Four in this “sport”?

Today Show appearance

I’ll be on discussing dating blogs for 3 minutes or so some time between 8 and 9.

Today Show Take 2

As of now, I will be on the Today Show this Saturday 3/31 between 8 and 9 commenting on dating blogs. Twas the death of Anna Nicole Smith that bumped me before, so I’m half afraid her drug-stuffed corpse will rise tomorrow and steal my slot again. (It is almost Easter.) For all our sakes, let’s pray that America’s tragic sweetheart rests in the peace she could never find here.

fear-mongering bill fails

True.com’s Herb Vest is behind a lot of the legislation requiring criminal background checks on online dating sites, and it looks like a very cynical move to push his own site’s fear-mongering. Vest reminds me of the Bush Administration, creating fear he/it can exploit (and he’s even from Texas!).

How delicious that this Illinois bill was exposed as a gimmick that doesn’t even offer the unnecessary “protection” it promises.

Sims and Second Life Deeper than Online Dating

sez this adorable geek , as she looks back at her nerve profile from seven years ago. She comes down on the side of Follow what you love out into the world, and meet people that way, as do I. Sounds like I had better nerve dates than she did, but like her, the overall memory is of shiny surfaces: being dressed up, drinking glasses of wine in pretty bars, having reasonably interesting conversation with people I’m otherwise unconnected to. It ends up flatter than other strata of life.

I love that her deeper connections are with avatars in 3-D virtual worlds. She’s so cool; above the human fray, practically transhuman (aka posthuman).

Regina rocks.

seeking Virginia Madsen

And speaking of Sideways, will users of this site be scoping each other for signs of alcoholism?

As Borat might put it

this site is True — NOT. I take a few pokes at Herb Vest in the book (and recognize from talking to him the grandiosity of his declaring himself the least popular person in the United States) for a lot of the same sleazinesss covered in this story. But I was still shocked to read at the end that they send fake winks from real people! And that the site that’s staked its claim as the honorable, law-abiding one keeps charging people after they quit. For shame, Herb!

Reading at Mo Pitkin’s Monday 3/26

Pagan Kennedy will be reading from her new biography The First Man-Made Man (about the first F-to-M transsexual) with me and novelist Lisa Dierbeck (One Pill Makes You Smaller). I’m sex.

At Mo Pitkin’s, 34 Avenue A (btwn 2nd and 3rd Sts), 7pm

Sex, Drugs, and Gender Night at Mo Pitkin’s

My friend Pagan Kennedy is reading from her new biography, The First Man-Made Man (about the first F-to-M transsexual) and has invited me (sex) and Lisa Dierbeck (One Pill Makes You Smaller (drugs)) to join her at Mo Pitkin’s, 34 Avenue A (btwn 2nd and 3rd Sts), 7pm

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