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I Love You, Let's Meet » their first date can be Sunset Boulevard

their first date can be Sunset Boulevard

I’ve linked to some stories about the sites for hot women and rich men, with their Social Darwinism for Dummies commentary. What intrigued me in this article is the attempt mentioned at the end, to flip the script and set up a singles event for rich women and cute guys under 29. Here’s more about the sugar daddy/mama date nights. Men only had to be worth 200-400 grand, but women have to have millions!

It’s so depressing when women try to sink toward equality. You know, just because men enjoy something — smoking cigars, setting cars on fire when their team wins, treating human beings as status objects — doesn’t make it enviable.

Anybody out there got five million bucks I could borrow til this event is over? I would LOVE to be a black widow on the wall observing this bizarre hunt.

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  1. kmcleod on April 3rd, 2007

    Five million (sugarmama) compared to half a million (sugardaddy)? What happened to equal pay for equal work? Perhaps the males have a greater need to siphon money.

    “HotEnough.org is more or less filling a void in the industry”.
    You can’t fill a void with a vacuum.

    Maybe this sugarfosterparent scene is more of a boomer, midlife crisis kind of thing, but your comment about sinking toward equality is profound.

  2. virginia on April 3rd, 2007

    Now I REALLY want that five million bucks, so I can put on the application form, “I’m interested in sugarfosterparenting. If you sent someone to do a home inspection, I’m sure you’d see my apt. is hotyoungguy-proofed, plenty of mirrors, hair product, barbells….”