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I Love You, Let's Meet » Christian bigotry

Christian bigotry

Meaning mine. I saw this story about a gay Christian site and had two thoughts. (1) Why do they bother with an institution that’s been so crummy to them? and (2) I like them better than the straight Christians. Definitely better than the conservative ones who act all beleaguered even as they take over the U.S. of A. But that’s not all the Christians.
I had a weird moment at my reading in Annapolis, reading from a chapter where I list all the things that make me not respond to a profile — any race preference checked, desired age range that he’s not in, cliches, bragging — and stammered and apologized as I read “identifies as Christian.” A good friend from college who’s smart and tolerant and gay-friendly and kind — and a devout Christian — was there and I felt like a bigot reading that out loud. Like someone so used to always being around their own race or sexual orientation that they don’t even notice their own slurs until one of Them is unexpectedly in the room.

Perhaps I’m confusing embarrassment with conscience, but reading it, I suddenly didn’t like this person with this item on her list, which felt uncomfortable as I was just at that moment publicly being her.

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