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cool geezers

So it’s official, over-50s are online dating like crazy. I see a niche for the cool geezer site. I guess it’s fastcupid; that’s where the cool geezers I know (and am) are. I know cool people of a certain age on match, too. But maybe it would be nice to have an aging-hipster post-nerve site without the cute young people to tempt and confuse and shame us. Maybe not, just a thought.

Speaking of cool geezers, I did my funnest radio interview yet (will post it soon) on Women Aloud, a show on Greenstone Media, which Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda started and promoted on the best guest segment I’ve ever seen on the Colbert Report. The two of them plug Greenstone perfectly; explain feminism in poetic sound bites (maybe a little essentialist, but that bothers me less and less); and are totally good sports in Colbert’s schtick — as was he, wearing the apron.

Much as I love Colbert (among his other virtues, he has lots of animals on his show), he’s usually horrible to guests. The most hostile thing here is the Bunny photo; there’s usually more stuff like that. I never blame the guest for being flummoxed because I’m sure it doesn’t feel like a fake-news attack when it’s happening to you.

So all the better to see Jane and Gloria carry the day so gracefully and illustrate their point.

3 Comments so far

  1. kmcleod on April 19th, 2007

    subtitle from MediaLife:

    “Baby boomers are the fastest-growing demographic”
    How many errors can we list in that statement in the shortest time?

    Doesn’t matter; nothing matters. When I got my AARP greeting in the mail last year, I began to seek out Kitty Carlisle. Now I know that can never be.

  2. virginia on April 23rd, 2007

    Oh, that makes me sad, K-man. You and Kitty Carlisle would have been GORgeous together.

    Doesn’t she have a daughter who’s in her 70s though?

    Joan Rivers may still be single, too, her match.com ad was on Gawker a few years ago.

  3. kmcleod on April 27th, 2007

    Joan Rivers used to tell a joke about a woman who’d had so many facelifts that when she smiled, her legs crossed. Now she’s the joke.