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free and easy

I love the juxtaposition of the site’s name with the fact that women don’t pay. As objects of desire, hot babes shouldn’t have to spend money to hook up. Men should do the paying. And in exchange? YouCanGetMe! Ostensibly since women had to buy “shoes and a bag” for the date, but the whole thing comes off like the ads in the back of the Village Voice for busty Asian she-males, outcalls only. Chix for sale. Except it’s real women on the site, so odds are YouCan’tGetMe, so it’s more like fantasy fodder.
Women get their own fantasy choices, too, because this is the 21st century after all. What’s odd is how all my friends I sent this to and I put Brian in the bathroom in the gladiator outfit. What does that mean? (To be fair and balanced, I then put Jason in the kitchen dressed like a cowboy, which was cool until he started rubbing the sponge he’d been scrubbing the counters with all over his chest! Yuck!)

3 Comments so far

  1. kmcleod on May 13th, 2007

    So I guess you’re not into the COOL HAND LUKE suds-and-grime thing…

    Does cleaninghunk’s appeal date back to Mr. Clean, Dinty Moore and that Bounty towels lumberjack guy?

  2. virginia on May 13th, 2007

    cleaning hunk’s appeal is timeless and not kitschy. There’s a lot of female lust killed by housework, specifically annoyance that he won’t do his share. That cleaned bathroom is hot.

    The Bounty lumberjack is gay, everyone knows that.

  3. kmcleod on May 14th, 2007

    Uh, I guess NOW everybody does…