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seeking carbon footprint massage

This is nice to hear, if it’s true. (An annoying commercial comes on when this page opens; the off button is to the right of the headline.) I just put my air conditioner in the window yesterday and feel very conflicted. On one hand, I’m way happier (and more dateable) with a nice, cool apt. But my carbon footprint probably doubled when I plugged that sucker in.

If 80 percent of 30- to 59-year-olds consider the environment such a high priority, Al Gore should be a shoo-in for President. Run, Al, run!

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  1. Steve on May 29th, 2007

    I’ve been experimenting with being greener lately.

    I thought being green would involve living in a grass hut and making life an all around pain in the ass.

    I was wrong. I’ve found some things to do that are very significant actions for the environment that were cheap and easy. Some will even save you money this summer

    1. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs.

    They are now cheap at Home Depot. They use 1/4 of the power of regular bulbs so demands on and emissions from power plants get reduced. You will save about 15% on your electricity bills and you will not have to replace the bulbs for about 10 years. If everyone in the US switched to CFLs at home 21 coal fired, pollution belching, power plants could be shut down.

    2. Take your appliances that stay plugged in and plug them into power strips that have an off switch.

    Many appliances don’t truly turn off anymore. Cornell University found if people used power strips the energy savings would be enough to shut down 7 power plants or fully power Chicago. Again, less energy use, less pollution.

    3. Switch to wind generated electricity at home. You can do this even if you live in an apartment.

    This firm covers NC to New York. You only have to give them your contact information and they take care of the rest. You will still get billed through your regular power company. If you install CFLs the slightly higher price per kilowatt hour will be offset. Wind generated electricity has almost no pollution.


    4. Read this book written by scientists for the Union Of Concerned Scientists. You can get it for about $3 from Amazon.

    Instead of telling you 50 green things you can do to help the Earth they give you a SHORT list of the most EFFECTIVE things you can do for the MOST important environmental problems ( guess what, recycling isn’t on it ). The scientists explain how they did their research, how they came to their conclusions, how they came to their recommendations, what their critics think, why their critics think what they do, and why they do not agree with their critics. It is very easy to read despite of all of that. The scientists take a very NON-preachy “do what you can as opportunities arise and don’t feel bad about the rest” tone:

    Their 11 top green to-dos are near painless, can improve your health, and even save you money:

    The Consumers Guide To Effective Environmental Choices:
    Practical Advice From The Union Of Concerned Scientists
    by Michael Brower, PH.D. and Warren Leon, PH.D.


  2. kmcleod on May 30th, 2007

    Don’t stress over your climate control, Bigfoot; in five years China’s greenhouse gases will make you look like Rachel Carlson…

    I prefer Al Gore better now as an ex-nonpresident…

  3. virginia on May 30th, 2007

    Wow, Steve, thank you. These are great, doable suggestions.

    Kenneth, I know, I know, Al Gore only got a backbone after he was deposed from politics. But who knows, maybe it wouldn’t comPLETEly disintegrate if he got back in the game.

    As to your other point, “Others are doing worse, why should I bother changing” is how we got to our polar-bear-drowning current conditions.

  4. Steve on May 30th, 2007

    Hi Virginia;

    Some friends of mine long ago introduced me to the idea that being the president is not like being the king of the U.S. or someone in control as if they were in the driver’s seat of car. They believe that for some issues the right person could do more being outside of a formal governmental position.

    I am just beginning to see this for myself and understand.

    Gore, with his movie, ignited nationwide enthusiasm and started a movement that will have long lasting effects.

    I have my doubts if his accomplishments for the environment would have been as profound. He would have had to make compromises with his party, the republicans and sundry lobbyists.

  5. kmcleod on May 31st, 2007

    ““Others are doing worse, why should I bother changing” is how we got to our polar-bear-drowning current conditions.”

    The China info was honest, but my tone was facetious…
    I agree with Steve. Twenty five years ago,Perot, for example, lost the election, but established the argument (economy and labor).

  6. kmcleod on June 4th, 2007