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we be illin

this is the second article about a dating site I’ve seen in the last few days to mention colostomy bags.

This seems a very humane and sensible site — if perhaps a bit too general.

OKCupid personality test

Here’s the test. Who doesn’t love a who-am-I quiz, and this one IS funny. When I interviewed the OKCupids for the book, they were talking about toning down, so I was happy to see “Genghis Khunt” is still one of the personalities.

and here’s me.

mean, funny roundup of oddball sites. plus mermaid parade pix

Radar mag, which I’ve heard of but never read, found some sites I’d never heard of. Funniest bit is the -ostomy site people contemplating inviting Fidel Castro to join. I think he’s got enough problems.

This is kind of a lot of mermaid parade pix, but they’re good. It was really really fun, if you live in or near New York, you should be in it next year. (Your blogmistress is in there, rather unsexily chewing gum, which you really had to or else you’d drink too much water and have nowhere to pee).

So many great costumes, but my fave may be the Cruella deVille mermaid with the dalmation-head bra.

guaranteed, freaks and geeks will try to hack into the jock lounge

Online daters have always tried to beat the system — to be younger, lighter, taller, richer, better-employed, etc. What do you want to bet that this site will draw the twice-a-year softball player or once-a-month yoga class taker, if only to see if they can pass as athletic. Their snootiness about “couch potatoes” practically invites infiltration by such spuds inside a Trojan Stairmaster.

Colonel Mustard in the chatroom with the…

makes sense somebody would use online dating in a murder mystery (and I get to use my too-little-used category tag!)

True has been Untrue

I’m torn. I certainly don’t love litigiousness in general (though it’s fun to say). If any two sites have to get sued, however, e-harmony and true.com would be my top choices.

social networking plus psychogeography

This sounds like a great geeky gathering of travelers. The link to the Geonames project makes me think these people are at least situationist-friendly, if not actual psychogeographers.

If I ever traveled anywhere beyond the subway system, I’d try to get invited into Dopplr, but derive-ing around New York City seems to satisfy most of my travel urges.

Thanks for the link, K-man!

poor straight people pushed into the church closet

I don’t cruise the right-wing Christian blogs so much, so this Orwellian doublespeak can still boggle me:

you can have your beliefs in your church or synagogue or home (for now…) but don’t you dare try to live them out in the public square.

Apparently the answer to WWJD is become an oppressive bigoted majority and then lament and handwring about how you’re the victim. Fascinating how they’ve copped language like “in the closet” to apply to the big old normative hegemonic bully!

Is e-harmony’s exclusion of gays the same as excluding, say, blacks or Jews from a dating site? (Gentiles can go on J-date and whites can go on blackpeoplemeet.com, BTW.) I have reasonable friends who say, Hey, it’s a business, e-harmony can serve whomever it wants. I don’t know. I think the compatibility dimensions they test for apply to any long-term couple, they didn’t seem that gender-bound to me. And e-harmony caters to lots of older people who aren’t gonna be fruitful and multiply, so they can’t use THAT excuse.

I’m glad the lawsuit has made the no-gays policy news. And that the Warrens are at least SAYing they’re thinking about changing their policy. Isn’t opening up the site to everyone WJWD?

funnier if you’ve seen ads for match and true on myspace

young hipsters play on old-fashioned fears

the military, the Catholic Church, e-harmony

here’s yet another club that won’t have you for a member, my gay brothers and sisters, but my question is Whyever would you want to belong? Not all forbidden fruit is tasty, and e-harmony is particularly bland (and overpriced).