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profile advice list #576,982

pretty reasonable tips overall, but do we really want profile advice from Ronald Reagan? The guy was borderline incoherent; calling him the Great Communicator was like calling Nixon likable or Bush II an intellectual.

And I guess it makes sense to “test your picture on hotornot” but what if you’re not hot? Airbrush? Use someone else’s picture?

I also like that they say to avoid cliches “like the plague.”

Enough bitchiness for the day. TTFN

pay Canada

more fun from Canada; very entertaining comments sections, esp. the genius Onion link.

At least the Canadians don’t have to barter sex for health insurance.

yenta to a continent

OK, Canada apparently has extra women. (as does the East Coast of the U.S.; more dudes out West.)

Meanwhile, I’d guess that the new nerd site has more guys.

So, DUH! Canadian ladies, write the geeks. Geeks, write the lady Canucks.

My work here is done.

thanks for shout-out

I was on the since-cancelled Dr. Keith Ablow show a few months back, for about 30 seconds. My mom watched and a friend taped it, but I had the sense that otherwise it made not a ripple in the universe, so nice to hear these bloggers saw it and even mentioned me, rather than the onstage experts who got more time and seemed more positive (they both found their husbands online) and results-oriented.

nerd up

On this dating site for nerds:

When a user “winks” at another person to get the banter going, for instance, they have the option of sending any number of virtual objects — the greek letter Pi, a unicorn, a floppy disk, a crop circle, or a dilithium crystal used to power the warp drive on Star Trek

I might add an image of Professor Frink to that list (just learned his name copyediting the upcoming Simpsons issue of Time Out). (And yes a true nerd would never link to a site that hasn’t been updated in 10 years, but the official Simpsons site for some reason ignores Professor Frink.)

how could Paul Giamatti’s Sideways character be more pathetic?

why, if he was pontificating and flirting online, of course.

I’m sure this is a great way to niche (I assume someone’s already verbed that noun) the dating population, but I’m picturing red-stained keyboards and long, maudlin e-mails. Perhaps it’s because of this claim in the article: “On average, Americans consume about 600 million gallons of wine per year.”

I used to think I drank my fair share, but I doubt I’ve even gotten to one million gallons, and it’s already July!

bedroom stars

I’m usually in the get-out-and-meet-in-real-life camp, but I could see more people falling in love through cyber-karaoke than in a karaoke bar, judging from the comments.

pile on with Time

Time’s article on the five worst websites had me yelling at my screen, “Yeah! Tell ’em!” “Exactly!” “Mmm-hmmm, so true” and “What the hell is Meez?” I’ve hated e-harmony plenty on here, but I haven’t hated MySpace enough. Partly because it would be wicked hypocritical to join the chorus of “it’s just marketing vultures feeding on the teen lambs” when I am one of said vultures with a MySpace page for my book.

In my defense, I’m too lazy to be really predatory, so I’m not sidling up to beFriend many teens or adults, though I pretty much say yes to everyone who invites me to be their friend. I guess that makes me a lazy MySpace slut, a category in which I imagine I have a lot of company.

Speaking of lazy, I’ve had a handful of people tell me I really need to check out SecondLife because it’s an important Web development, so I was happy to have Time confirm that it’s as big a time-suck as it seems. It’s hard enough staying on top of First Life.

on Internet radio this Sunday at 7 pm: Me!

you can listen to me on Writers Revealed with Felicia Sullivan here on Sunday 7/8/07 at 7 pm and thereafter. We’ll be chatting about writing and dating and maybe I’ll critique some profiles.

Felicia’s not only a radio personality, but has a great memoir coming out this winter. I guarantee it will stop you complaining about your own mother.

snooty seth on slate

this piece on slate starts out as a good overview of the chemistry.com ads that respond to e-harmony’s exclusion of gays and others. But then he veers into Bitchy Fashionistaville — “darling, a vest over a sleeveless shirt simply isn’t done.”

He says online dating needs screening to keep out bad people who do bad things like make outfits Seth doesn’t like. I never thought I’d stick up for Dr. Warren, but at least e-harmony’s questions try to get at things that matter in a long-term relationship like values and attitudes toward money, child-raising, sociability, etc.

I don’t think Seth online dates; otherwise he’d know there’s plenty of shallow snap-judging; no additional screens needed.