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online girls gone wild/Mental

I am shocked (for real, not ironically “shocked, shocked”) by this study, esp. this bit

While the women who were surveyed went to great lengths to screen online acquaintances before meeting them, nearly a third reported having sex on the first date and three-quarters of those said they did not use condoms

WTF? First of all, who are these people having unsafe sex with strangers? Dopes, that’s who! Second of all, real life just seems better suited to an impulsive (but still condom-using!) fling than online dating. The first F2F date seems to me like a continuation of the screening process that’s begun online; it’s not set up to be a sex date generally. (Unless of course it is, which the study should have been clearer about — if “let’s fuck now” craigslist ad posters are mixed in with the cautious True.com types they’re describing, then the study doesn’t tell us anything.) Whereas if you meet someone out in the world, the spark or chemistry or whatever more defines what’s going to happen. Or so it seems to me.

i strayed left to drown in blood

that’s the best profile headline on the goth singles site, where you can find boys who wear lipstick and girls who wear fangs and one little gothette who “secretly digs country music.”

they’re so cute!

online dating to hide your wealth

Like some of the (insanely mean) Gawker commenters, I had never heard this woman’s last name, but was intrigued by her using J-date to make herself anonymous to those inside the rich-people loop.

I do like Gawker’s bleak little intro about marriage and schadenfreude, but reading the comments is like watching a nature show. Picture of anyone, especially a woman = calf separated from herd; commenters = hyenas hidden by cloak of invisibility. In this particular thread the hyenas turn from the groom’s lips and hair to attack a too-earnest one of their own. Yikes.

i love a man

in uniform

When are the Gang of Four gonna have their oldies tour anyway?

definitely violates the half-hour-for-coffee first date rule

…as well as Cuban law. This story was forwarded by my friend Patrick Symmes, who has a brilliant new book out about Fidel Castro’s high school classmates, most of them exiles.

This Miami Herald article is like the love child of our books!

yeah, and put a GPS chip in him, too!

Good lord.

online dating when famous

nothing too unexpected in Pepper’s saga. I wonder if anyone thought she was Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa.

I heard Joan Osborne online dated, that Joan Rivers had a profile on match.com, and that Alec Baldwin was thinking about it. I think Baldwin would be better off with women who weren’t online and hadn’t heard that phone call to his kid.

hipster book club

is a fun site that mentions my video in this piece and is worth checking out further.

Marie was funny but harsh about the David Foster Wallace book video; I thought the prose was well-suited to the simultaneous type and voiceover. It’s not embarrassing.

Then again I don’t oscillate at DFW’s frequencies of self-consciousness, so maybe he is embarrassed.

Marie is one of a handful of brainy women I know who’ve gotten violently sexual crushes on Wallace. What is that about, do we think? And I do mean we; my awe for his writing has manifested kind of Tiger Beat, I admit it, and I don’t usually do that. What IS that about, beyond him being a towering intellect, long single, and an age peer, I wonder? He doesn’t seem fun or sexy (oh god I am Tiger Beat); the self-interrogation seems like it’d be crippling.

He is married now, and it IS cute how he likes saying “my wife” at readings.