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is a fun site that mentions my video in this piece and is worth checking out further.

Marie was funny but harsh about the David Foster Wallace book video; I thought the prose was well-suited to the simultaneous type and voiceover. It’s not embarrassing.

Then again I don’t oscillate at DFW’s frequencies of self-consciousness, so maybe he is embarrassed.

Marie is one of a handful of brainy women I know who’ve gotten violently sexual crushes on Wallace. What is that about, do we think? And I do mean we; my awe for his writing has manifested kind of Tiger Beat, I admit it, and I don’t usually do that. What IS that about, beyond him being a towering intellect, long single, and an age peer, I wonder? He doesn’t seem fun or sexy (oh god I am Tiger Beat); the self-interrogation seems like it’d be crippling.

He is married now, and it IS cute how he likes saying “my wife” at readings.

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