Seeking Miss September; Renting Miss September

By folding fantasy into “the brand,” (I just loathe that term, can’t use it without quotes yet), Lavalife may be inviting some of the same shenanigans that just got a bunch of craigslist users busted.

The prostitution issue is so confusing. I’m totally with alternet that any shaming around sex is terrible and moves everyone backwards. (Shaming about torture and abuse, a la Amnesty International, I’m OK with.)

And prostitution is in a perfect world a perfectly victimless crime. But this woman I interviewed for salon who’d been a prostitute had another view that I can’t ignore. I also interviewed a young girl who claimed that, most of the time, turning tricks was incredibly empowering, but, well, I had to go to the ladies’ room and cry in the middle of one of our interviews.

Both advocates for prostitutes I talked to said the same thing, that the john is paying the girl to not be fully human. And you could see it happening to “Mary Lou” — “the life” was reducing her, piece by piece.

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  1. kmcleod on September 17th, 2007

    I fear that the great disappointment, when robot lovers are finally for sale, will be that most johns won’t want a prostitute that’s already dehumanized.

  2. virginia on September 18th, 2007

    you mean part of what the guy’s paying for is to be involved in the dehumanization process? Kenneth, you just took the bleakness cake!