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I Love You, Let's Meet » reports of death exaggerated?

reports of death exaggerated?

Is online dating dead, as this columnist claimed, or just “over” for the young cool-hunters? Geezers seem to be using it as much as ever….

I like the nature preserve vs. zoo analogy, but the busy (older) people who know what they want are going to stick with the more efficient dating sites, I think.

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  1. Steve on December 4th, 2007

    The article may be right, but I am not sure if the author knows what she is talking about. For instance she used the example of digg.com. I wouldn’t call Digg a social networking site, let alone a place to find dates.

    Digg.com started off as an answer to slashdot.com. A place where the users ( geeks ) contributed IT news stories, which other people could then comment on blog style. Digg.com went on to allow users to contribute stories without a moderator deciding what made it to the site. They then beefed up their profile utility to include more information about people and to let people add other digg users as “friends”.

    It doesn’t have quite the same effect as myspace friends though. The use of the site still follows its old patterns with near anomymous users posting news stories to be commented upon by a large number of other near anonymous users. It is like going into Grand Central Station a few times a week, saying hello to a few strangers, and hoping to eventually make friends, get dates that way.