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I Love You, Let's Meet » guilty!


but I don’t feel bad about either googling or being googled.

I’m too lazy to google every first F2F, that’s more crush behavior for me.

A bit surprising to me that women google their dates more and men google old friends more.

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  1. kmcleod on January 10th, 2008

    I once had a housemate whose girlfriend snared him by using her position as a member of his company’s Human Resources department to peruse through his employee files and figure out a way to manipulate his trust and affection. Given the opportunity, a number of people will use Le Carre-style espionage to infiltrate a person’s life as a suitor. Googling doesn’t seem too bad in comparison.

  2. virginia on January 10th, 2008

    Ewww, your HR story reminds me of the Woody Allen musical with Julia Roberts where the guy eavesdrops on the girl’s therapy session and uses what he hears to woo her. The Woodman, long since tipped over into clueless creepiness, played this as cute.

  3. kmcleod on January 11th, 2008

    Sounds like PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM, with Bogart as her id. So, in Allen’s story, did he get the girl, or are we to feel pity that he didn’t?

  4. virginia on January 12th, 2008

    I think he gets, then loses girl. Not to be heightist, but the Woodman looked like Julia’s aged Chihuahua.

  5. kmcleod on January 12th, 2008

    The fact that he would present himself to a knowledgable audience as a leading man reminds me of those oversized statues that pint-sized dictators have a habit of displaying.