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I Love You, Let's Meet » REALLY living through your children

REALLY living through your children

wow. just wow.

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  1. kmcleod on January 7th, 2008

    In the 90s a significant other and I had an idea for a novel in which chat room friends physically attend the funeral of one of their favorite members, only to find that not only was the friend not what they “were” online, but they weren’t even what they thought themselves to be. This news story was inevitable, in that we all know that this is an effect of the web that has and will occur a thousand times.

  2. Steve on January 10th, 2008

    Virginia, I thought your comment was pithy, but after reading that article I have so many comments I could make and so many thoughts to pursue that I am clogged

    So. wow…just…wow.

    Socializing through the web can be compulsive, but it isn’t healthy socializing. Maybe articles like this one will get our society to take new compulsions like these seriously. Reading that article made me want to push away from my computer.

    The first part of the story haunted me a little bit in trying to explain what could have primed Montgomery for falling into that kind of compulsion.

    His life was pretty much “all she wrote”. It wasn’t bad, but it was looking like it was just going to be the same grind repeated over and over again until the end of his life.

    I think all of us on occasion see our lives like that.

    I don’t believe those thoughts to be true.

    People can always do something or find something to look forward to.

    If Montgomery started working out and was making plans to turn his life upside down for a teenage e-friend he could have also pumped energy into making his real life less humdrum

    Here’s to real life.

    Now I know why people put up with the BS and high cost of living in big cities.