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I Love You, Let's Meet » haunt the sites, but before midnight

haunt the sites, but before midnight

those were the most interesting factoids in this Times story about how people judge their prey on online dating sites. I would have thought being on the site all the time would be worse than rarely being on it.

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  1. kmcleod on January 7th, 2008

    “…improving one’s standing by linking to high status friends; using a screen name like “Batman” or “007” when in reality one is more like Austin Powers; referring to one’s gleaming head as “shaved” not “bald”; using cutesy emoticons to charm the demographic that forwards inspirational chain mail; demonstrating leadership by being the first to adopt and turn others onto the latest Facebook applications; listing one’s almost-career as a D.J. or model rather than the one that pays the bills; making calculated decisions about what to list as interests or favorite books.”

    That sounds kind of sad when put all into one paragraph like that.

    “Today, posting revealing or culpable material online arguably has become another forum for signaling imperviousness to danger and repercussions…They may be indicating that their future is so secure that no social network site indiscretion would jeopardize it, or they may be showing their alienation from the sort of future where discretion is needed.”

    That is hopeful.

  2. Steve on January 11th, 2008

    Meeting new friends as well as potential dates in real life, despite having to leave your apartment and endure some nerves from social jitters seems so much more friendly.

    Picking up my dry cleaning, showering and shaving seems so much more simple than making a “creating a persona” or fudging who I am to not get filtered out.

    Likewise, within in the first few moments of meeting someone I know what s/he truly looks like, and more importantly how they come off. No ancient pictures, no fudged statistics and no fabricated personalities( at least as much as is possible with an online persona ).

    Best of all, that person is likely to be local.

    Here is to doing some things the old fashioned way, with grown ups.