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begging (stealing) many questions

saddest bit of very sad Wall St Journal article about lazy, dumb online daters:

After hunting for some copy-and-paste help — including borrowing the line “you will soon learn that I’m a raging egomaniac” — Mr. Picazio says he’s gotten 20 dates.

He had to STEAL that? (I guess you are by definition NOT a raging egomaniac if you figure other people’s words speak for you). And that netted him more responses? Is “raging egomaniac” code for something appealing?

Spinstervillle is looking better.

Valentines Day reads

Last V-day it was my book you had to read; this year it’s Gabriel Cohen‘s (the Buddhism-and-divorce book, Storms Can’t Hurt the Sky is the holiday-themed one, but the others rock too), Janice Erlbaum‘s, Felicia Sullivan‘s, and Judy McGuire’s. I’ve read the first three and they’re great; I was interviewed for Judy’s and I’m pretty sure did not make the cut, as she has some very, very funny stories.

Oh, and there’s no law against buying/reading my book if you haven’t, either. It’s got whatever you need to get you through heart-shaped Hallmark Thursday: tales of romantic bewilderment and bitter disappointment AND ones that end happily ever after.

Happy Valentines Day.

great online dating story

as one of the commenters said, “Schadenfreudastic.” Great details in this one, including that thing much less objectionable guys do all too often: rate other women’s appearance and compliment/appease/flatter you by classifying you higher.

“She’s a pig and I’m way hotter? Charmed I’m sure!”