great online dating story

as one of the commenters said, “Schadenfreudastic.” Great details in this one, including that thing much less objectionable guys do all too often: rate other women’s appearance and compliment/appease/flatter you by classifying you higher.

“She’s a pig and I’m way hotter? Charmed I’m sure!”

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  1. Steve on February 6th, 2008

    In the end, online dating is nothing but BLIND dating with better pre date filtering.

    The author must have left out some details. It seemed like she was trying to indict her online dating service, but she agreed to go out with this guy after communicating with him significantly first. Where were her brains and where were her responsibility in ending up spending the evening with that loser?

  2. kmcleod on February 7th, 2008

    The “online” aspect isn’t a factor as far as how bad this date was. Remove the web and it reads like any bad date with a person who carries around a bottle of rum (see “When Popeye Met Sally”).