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I Love You, Let's Meet » begging (stealing) many questions

begging (stealing) many questions

saddest bit of very sad Wall St Journal article about lazy, dumb online daters:

After hunting for some copy-and-paste help — including borrowing the line “you will soon learn that I’m a raging egomaniac” — Mr. Picazio says he’s gotten 20 dates.

He had to STEAL that? (I guess you are by definition NOT a raging egomaniac if you figure other people’s words speak for you). And that netted him more responses? Is “raging egomaniac” code for something appealing?

Spinstervillle is looking better.

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  1. kmcleod on February 16th, 2008

    “Spinstervillle is looking better”

    No, no, no, Virginia. It’ll be five years or so before you can converse with your pet or have sex with robots. Until then, keep plugging. Internet saturarion can sometimes cause toxic levels of dismay. I’m dating someone who’s never heard of frog porn. You need to depressurize.

  2. virginia on February 23rd, 2008

    No, you need to dump that woman who’s never heard of frog porn. That’s the top of every sensible person’s list of dealbreakers.

    Wait, what happens in five years that I can start robot sex and cat-talking-to? (Or robot sex anyway, I took up the latter decades ago — didn’t I Linus, you little snuggums uggums with your perfect little paw pads?)

  3. kmcleod on February 26th, 2008


    Maybe less than five. I was at the Japan hyperculture thingee at the Kennedy Center, with the robot in a kimono answering questions from the audience. I was back deep in the crowd, and turned to my date and commented that although the robot blinked, interacted and gestured with her arms, her mannekin fingers didn’t bend. I turned back around to see the robot looking right at me. She must’ve heard me.
    Oops. “She” must’ve heard me?