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phishing for phomance

Pretty funny account of a scam. The “hold a sign with my name” test is clever — unless the Pho-mancers have Pho-toshop.

flesh still willing

great title and book cover
and of course we all like to hear encouraging things about dating older. It seems particularly rosy now for gay Jewish men of a certain age; Bob Morris, in his 50s, found his guy and Michael Musto (“between 45 and death”) is on a hilarious tear of hook-ups.

watch a cooking date

sort of a good idea for a date activity (all except for being filmed!)

when the “Real you” is an android

rather commonsense advice (which characterizes the whole dating-advice industry. And the diet-book industry, too: How do books keep getting into the bestseller list that are simply riffs on Eat less, Move more?) from e-harmony. If a person acts like a big jerk, don’t marry him/her. Thanks, Dr. Warren.

But check out the picture, doesn’t it look like a metal rod is slipping out of her head? Or else some robot worm is drilling into her brain and causing her rather languid road rage?

I am loving a song called You Broke My Heart by a group called Lavender Diamond right now.