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I Love You, Let's Meet » I join the Palin bloviation

I join the Palin bloviation

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  1. Steve on September 8th, 2008


    I have noticed the same things you wrote about in your article.

    Legal equality( which women still don’t have, at least in regards to equal pay for equal work ) is not the same thing as the culture changing. Cultures do change, but very slowly outside of economic changes. I do think that American culture has changed a lot in regards to women since the 1920s.

    Look at the power and attention women, as well as “women’s concerns” have received at the conventions. That would not have been seen in the 1920s.

    I think where Senator Clinton went wrong as First Lady Clinton was in forgetting that not everyone has the same values. I don’t think her style was a problem, but her comment about “baking cookies” came across as a dis. There are women who value that lifestyle while not devaluing hers, who felt insulted. For icing, add some right wing paranoia about black UN helicopters being piloted by volvo driving liberals.

    As far as Governor Palin goes I think McCain having chosen her as his running mate has to be the most visible sexist act in American politics for at least a decade. McCain picked her for little more than her genitals and extreme stances.
    He certainly didn’t pick her for her qualifications.

    If I looked as good in a dress as Palin ( I don’t, two Halloweens ago, long story, don’t ask ) McCain might have picked me too for all of my qualifications.

    Governor Palin is an “Uncle Tom” for women ( witty writers like you need to come up with a feminist relevant equivalent of that term ).

    Given that people at Senators McCain age “can go any day” I think people who are considering NOT voting for Obama should consider how they would feel about a “President Palin” in their future.

    Now, THAT is a Halloween terror show!