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but I don’t feel bad about either googling or being googled.

I’m too lazy to google every first F2F, that’s more crush behavior for me.

A bit surprising to me that women google their dates more and men google old friends more.

yeah, he got my credit card number — but I beat him at chess

how embarrassing to be taken in by a flirting robot!

a beer and some bloodwork


OK, never mind, I am a fuddy-Luddy

I was just crowing a few posts ago about how cutting-edge I am compared with this curmudgeonly college kid who doesn’t think anybody could possibly meet online, and then I found this site vis this story on Wired, stuffed with references I mostly don’t get. (Though when visiting my nephews, I played so much Tetris that I dreamed about it one night. I asked them if that happened to them; they play hours of video games a week. They said No.)

Anyway, i’m in like with you seems like pure aggravating time-suck with lots of annoying beeps, and I realized the Wired guy’s assertion that this

dating site with bidding, competition, winners, and losers — you pose questions (or “games,” in the parlance of the service) for potential mates to bid on, and the resulting interactions are less stilted and artificial than conventional online dating services. That’s right, a gamelike environment feels more real than trying to mimic the experience of real-world dating.

does not apply to my experience of “feeling real.”

online dating on work intranet

this is so wrong on so many levels! (A) You shouldn’t date co-workers (say many, I don’t know if I agree) and even if you do then (B) isn’t that one place you don’t need online dating?

And even from The Man’s prospective, it seems nuts. If the goal is indeed to increase worker productivity, having your employees online date ain’t gonna get you there.

stop making sense

this blog post about Christian Dating seems to be written in tongues.

extreme nanny stateism

this is unbelievable on so many levels and raises so many questions:

Can an American woman contact a Canadian man without a background check?

Just Match.com? No other non-Russian-bride-type dating sites are exempt? If not, this is a real boomerang in the face for Herb Vest of True.com, who started all this criminal background check hysteria.

If women who immigrate to marry Americans are getting abused at higher rates, why not make sure they know their rights rather than just assume that every American man who e-mails a foreigner is a batterer?

government-subsidized online dating

At first I looked askance at this use of the Singapore govt’s money, but then I thought, Hey, it’s better than where my tax dollars are going. The next time I go out to protest some hideousness Bush is perpetrating, my sign can say “Build Couples, Not Empire.”

fear-mongering bill fails

True.com’s Herb Vest is behind a lot of the legislation requiring criminal background checks on online dating sites, and it looks like a very cynical move to push his own site’s fear-mongering. Vest reminds me of the Bush Administration, creating fear he/it can exploit (and he’s even from Texas!).

How delicious that this Illinois bill was exposed as a gimmick that doesn’t even offer the unnecessary “protection” it promises.

As Borat might put it

this site is True — NOT. I take a few pokes at Herb Vest in the book (and recognize from talking to him the grandiosity of his declaring himself the least popular person in the United States) for a lot of the same sleazinesss covered in this story. But I was still shocked to read at the end that they send fake winks from real people! And that the site that’s staked its claim as the honorable, law-abiding one keeps charging people after they quit. For shame, Herb!

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