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Help Me Write My Next Book; Win Gratitude, Karma!

I need funny, bizarre blind date stories for a book that will come out next year. Tales with happy endings are welcome, but let’s face it, terrible dates usually make better stories. I’d especially like stories of dates set up by mutual friends, family or matchmaker, though great online-dating stories are welcome, too.

They can be short or long, however long it takes to tell the tale. (I’m guessing these will be stories you’ve told before.) I will change names and details to disguise you, and I will edit the writing, so don’t worry about polishing it. If you’d rather tell me the story over the phone than e-mail it, that’s fine too.

Please forward this call for submissions widely, along with my e-mail, letsmeet@virginiavitzthum.com.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

on Internet radio this Sunday at 7 pm: Me!

you can listen to me on Writers Revealed with Felicia Sullivan here on Sunday 7/8/07 at 7 pm and thereafter. We’ll be chatting about writing and dating and maybe I’ll critique some profiles.

Felicia’s not only a radio personality, but has a great memoir coming out this winter. I guarantee it will stop you complaining about your own mother.

new radio show about authors and books

oh, and what a coincidence, I’ll be a guest in July!

READING: Borders in Annapolis (MD) Mall

whose address is listed as 1115 Annapolis Mall(?)

reading, discussing, signing, and going out afterwards for a bite or a drink (open to suggestions for a place to do that from locals)

READING: Borders 1801 K. St., NW, Washington DC

Reading, discussion, book signing; then eating and drinking afterward somewhere nearby

Today Show appearance

I’ll be on discussing dating blogs for 3 minutes or so some time between 8 and 9.

Today Show Take 2

As of now, I will be on the Today Show this Saturday 3/31 between 8 and 9 commenting on dating blogs. Twas the death of Anna Nicole Smith that bumped me before, so I’m half afraid her drug-stuffed corpse will rise tomorrow and steal my slot again. (It is almost Easter.) For all our sakes, let’s pray that America’s tragic sweetheart rests in the peace she could never find here.

Reading at Mo Pitkin’s Monday 3/26

Pagan Kennedy will be reading from her new biography The First Man-Made Man (about the first F-to-M transsexual) with me and novelist Lisa Dierbeck (One Pill Makes You Smaller). I’m sex.

At Mo Pitkin’s, 34 Avenue A (btwn 2nd and 3rd Sts), 7pm

Sex, Drugs, and Gender Night at Mo Pitkin’s

My friend Pagan Kennedy is reading from her new biography, The First Man-Made Man (about the first F-to-M transsexual) and has invited me (sex) and Lisa Dierbeck (One Pill Makes You Smaller (drugs)) to join her at Mo Pitkin’s, 34 Avenue A (btwn 2nd and 3rd Sts), 7pm

Reading this Sunday at Freddy’s Back Room

Here’s the official announcement:


This month marks the SECOND Brooklyn installment of our lovely, lively and literately non-fictional reading series. We return to the ever-cozy
Freddy’s Back Room (495 Dean St., at 6th Ave. in Brooklyn; near the Bergen 2, 3 and all the Atlantic/Pacific trains: 4,5,B,D,Q,N,R,W,M), where
admission is free, the beer is cheep and the crowd unruly. Please
join us for the edifying, amusing, anecdotal, analytical, political,
polemical, and poignant musings of the following angry and/or euphoric

Gabriel Thompson, author, There’s No Jose Here
Jean Railla, author, Get Crafty
Bill Batson, community activist, Develop Don’t Destroy
Doug Cordell, Playwright
Virginia Vitzhum, author, I Love You, Let’s Meet
An Xiao, poet, contributor to Tanka Fields
Sabine Heinlein, Rail Contributor

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