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pets drain my energy

this discriminating fellow was entertaining enough to bring me out of blog retirement (that and I’m procrastinating on my blind date book. Again, SEND ME YOUR BLIND DATE STORIES).

Actually, going out to California to meet this guy who’s about to become a billionaire turning health care, computers, agriculture, etc. into THE LIGHT would be a fascinating date.

Have at him, goddess-ladies.

Step. Away. From. The. Computer.

guess that last line didn’t work, seeing as how this post has been viewed over 10,000 times!

date my books

a couple people have sent me this essay about some pretty bitchy-sounding people (especially the one who calls “life-changing experiences” “tedious” — How ironic in an article about judging people as shallow by their books that this bookish lady insists her dates keep it shallow!)

And what a gaping hole in this piece that the writer not once mentions being drawn to someone because you both love the same book! Which is why I vastly prefer this essay.

he should NOT have joined gunlovers.com

Scary story from Ohio. Herb Vest of True.com will probably try to make hay with this, and Clinton probably has a better plan to protect working daters from this sort of thing than Obama.

begging (stealing) many questions

saddest bit of very sad Wall St Journal article about lazy, dumb online daters:

After hunting for some copy-and-paste help — including borrowing the line “you will soon learn that I’m a raging egomaniac” — Mr. Picazio says he’s gotten 20 dates.

He had to STEAL that? (I guess you are by definition NOT a raging egomaniac if you figure other people’s words speak for you). And that netted him more responses? Is “raging egomaniac” code for something appealing?

Spinstervillle is looking better.

great online dating story

as one of the commenters said, “Schadenfreudastic.” Great details in this one, including that thing much less objectionable guys do all too often: rate other women’s appearance and compliment/appease/flatter you by classifying you higher.

“She’s a pig and I’m way hotter? Charmed I’m sure!”

REALLY living through your children

wow. just wow.

dating causes PTSD

this hilarious new site basically likens dating to trauma that you need to be treated for “like a phobia” — so you can date more.

I guess they do the same thing with soldiers, treat ’em and send ’em back into battle.

burying the lede

So I’m reading about this purportedly funny, heartwarming book about a divorced 54-year-old’s wacky adventures online dating, and I get to this:

Another chapter tells the graphic and terrifying story of a date with a man she dubbed “The PREDaTOR,” who she said sexually assaulted her. She did not reveal his name but said he is a law enforcement official. She never pressed charges against him.

So let me get this straight, a cop assaulted (raped?) this woman, she wrote about it in a book, but won’t name names?!? I get why so many women don’t press charges, but if you’re going to go public anyway, why not do your sisters a favor and get this guy off the streets and out of uniform?

Seeking Miss September; Renting Miss September

By folding fantasy into “the brand,” (I just loathe that term, can’t use it without quotes yet), Lavalife may be inviting some of the same shenanigans that just got a bunch of craigslist users busted.

The prostitution issue is so confusing. I’m totally with alternet that any shaming around sex is terrible and moves everyone backwards. (Shaming about torture and abuse, a la Amnesty International, I’m OK with.)

And prostitution is in a perfect world a perfectly victimless crime. But this woman I interviewed for salon who’d been a prostitute had another view that I can’t ignore. I also interviewed a young girl who claimed that, most of the time, turning tricks was incredibly empowering, but, well, I had to go to the ladies’ room and cry in the middle of one of our interviews.

Both advocates for prostitutes I talked to said the same thing, that the john is paying the girl to not be fully human. And you could see it happening to “Mary Lou” — “the life” was reducing her, piece by piece.

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