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online dating cheaper, but more confusing; cussing at cute animals funnier

fluffy little news piece about saving money online dating; and more filling one about our untapped ability to be happy.

Why can’t we curb our own dissatisfaction, especially when we’re wired to love the familiar?!! Worth pondering (capitalism, I’m looking at you, not just at online dating).

And when you’re done pondering, please do go here and achieve happiness again.

flesh still willing

great title and book cover
and of course we all like to hear encouraging things about dating older. It seems particularly rosy now for gay Jewish men of a certain age; Bob Morris, in his 50s, found his guy and Michael Musto (“between 45 and death”) is on a hilarious tear of hook-ups.

date my books

a couple people have sent me this essay about some pretty bitchy-sounding people (especially the one who calls “life-changing experiences” “tedious” — How ironic in an article about judging people as shallow by their books that this bookish lady insists her dates keep it shallow!)

And what a gaping hole in this piece that the writer not once mentions being drawn to someone because you both love the same book! Which is why I vastly prefer this essay.

a man who’s glad his hairline is receding!

because that could get him down to 95 percent hair-covered.

I like this guy’s chances online. Let’s face it, cats are much better-looking than people and why? Because fur is prettier than skin. Some open-minded Chinese cat lady will dig a man she can pet.

Q: what do they call the Irish sports page?

A: The obituaries. I love that joke. And I had an Irish-American roommate in Boston who followed the Red Sox very passionately (she also kept up with the real world!), but she still read the obits first when she opened up her Globe.

Was reminded of that wonderful, poetic, mordant, Beckettian, Joyceian Irish gloom by this post about a new Irish dating site, Lonely.ie, with its startling sentence, “Google Trends discovered that “lonely” was the word entered most frequently by Internet users in Ireland.”

The name of the site flies in the face of Americans’ self-presentation online: “Oh, I’m just online dating for kicks; my life is just GREAT and full and busy and happy, and maybe I could squeeze in a romantic partner but I certainly don’t NEED one, gosh I am so self-sufficient and did I mention happy happy happy?”

Sort of hopeless, funny, Beckett-like thing I’m observing out my window: A child next door is trying to make a snow angel in a light dusting of snow, and leaving no impression whatsoever.

why “Professional”?

This little article gets it right on many fronts, especially the impossibility of giving anyone a chance when you’re juggling a bunch of them. And not processing rejection but jumping right back online and how these people make the rest of us hate online dating.

But, not to crow, but I assume these industrious daters never got any money from online dating, whereas long-break-taking, focusing-on-one-guy-at-a-time moi did.

I love it when you do less work and get more money.

Liars you can trust

Tired of being cheated by your designated liar? We give you your crooked straight!

online dating to hide your wealth

Like some of the (insanely mean) Gawker commenters, I had never heard this woman’s last name, but was intrigued by her using J-date to make herself anonymous to those inside the rich-people loop.

I do like Gawker’s bleak little intro about marriage and schadenfreude, but reading the comments is like watching a nature show. Picture of anyone, especially a woman = calf separated from herd; commenters = hyenas hidden by cloak of invisibility. In this particular thread the hyenas turn from the groom’s lips and hair to attack a too-earnest one of their own. Yikes.

definitely violates the half-hour-for-coffee first date rule

…as well as Cuban law. This story was forwarded by my friend Patrick Symmes, who has a brilliant new book out about Fidel Castro’s high school classmates, most of them exiles.

This Miami Herald article is like the love child of our books!

pay Canada

more fun from Canada; very entertaining comments sections, esp. the genius Onion link.

At least the Canadians don’t have to barter sex for health insurance.

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