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watch a cooking date

sort of a good idea for a date activity (all except for being filmed!)

“Genuine and trustworthy” more butch than “Warm and kind”

check the second question in this interview. If women are shunning warm and kind men because they seem like sissies, then I don’t want to hear them complain about their dating life. Ditto to any men saying, “she looks good, all except for that trustworthiness, that’s just not hot.” or “I’d like her if she were just a little more fake.”
Note to warm and kind men: You rule! And I know a lot of other women who are with me! (Genuine and trustworthy is kind of essential in any mate — or friend — too. How did these most basic human qualities get gendered anyway?)

selling those goofy Facebook apps

who knew? read this thing about the Easter Eggs application’s quick rise and sale.

I wonder if the Zombie and Vampire inventors got rich.

A: Introducing your gay friends in Philadelphia

it seems similar ends can be achieved via Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, or — imagine! — living one’s real life.

But I did learn a new word from this article:

Q: what is homophily?

haunt the sites, but before midnight

those were the most interesting factoids in this Times story about how people judge their prey on online dating sites. I would have thought being on the site all the time would be worse than rarely being on it.

and he won’t get PMS

For only two grand, you can get matched with people whose immunological systems are different from yours. The founder was apparently inspired by a study showing that women liked the smell of immunological unlikes’ T-shirts. Which prompts the sensible biologist’s sensible question near the bottom of the article.

bronze age computer dating

fun blast from past. I had a friend from college, Will Dixon, who was talking about inventing this in the 80s. “It’ll never catch on, Will,” we said.

yeah, he got my credit card number — but I beat him at chess

how embarrassing to be taken in by a flirting robot!

reports of death exaggerated?

Is online dating dead, as this columnist claimed, or just “over” for the young cool-hunters? Geezers seem to be using it as much as ever….

I like the nature preserve vs. zoo analogy, but the busy (older) people who know what they want are going to stick with the more efficient dating sites, I think.

a beer and some bloodwork


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