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pets drain my energy

this discriminating fellow was entertaining enough to bring me out of blog retirement (that and I’m procrastinating on my blind date book. Again, SEND ME YOUR BLIND DATE STORIES).

Actually, going out to California to meet this guy who’s about to become a billionaire turning health care, computers, agriculture, etc. into THE LIGHT would be a fascinating date.

Have at him, goddess-ladies.

Dudes, Make Love Not War

I’m miffed that this article does not tell me WHEN International Orgasm Day/cancelled orgy day is! (The day Israel started bombing Gaza, one wonders?)

I join the Palin bloviation

on HuffingtonPost

I love you, but I’m taking a (possibly permanent) break

Well, the break has already begun as alert or even not-alert readers will have noticed. It feels odd having a blog and just drifting off and posting less and less, so I’m making it official. I shan’t be posting again (unless something earth-shattering in the world of Internet dating happens and I feel like blogging). I’m working on shifting virginiavitzthum.com into a straight-up author website.

(Wait, did I just do non-closure closure like all those Internet dates who drive us nuts by not just cleanly ending it? I think I did!)

So long! Thanks Kenneth and Steve and the other commenters who made blogging more fun than I expected it to be. And of course, thanks to Alberto the mastermind and not-evil genius.


it’s fun to say “douchebag”

and there’s also a point here about male dating columnists telling women that rude behavior is “natural,” so guys can’t help it. It tends to feel more like excusing or special pleading than explaining or arbitrating.

Guile in Ghana

Online dating in Ghana is a web of deceit. Daniel Pryce decodes some ads for us and corrects some spelling. (Double dang, nay, triple dang that he gives no link to his article on “the third leg”!)

phishing for phomance

Pretty funny account of a scam. The “hold a sign with my name” test is clever — unless the Pho-mancers have Pho-toshop.

when the “Real you” is an android

rather commonsense advice (which characterizes the whole dating-advice industry. And the diet-book industry, too: How do books keep getting into the bestseller list that are simply riffs on Eat less, Move more?) from e-harmony. If a person acts like a big jerk, don’t marry him/her. Thanks, Dr. Warren.

But check out the picture, doesn’t it look like a metal rod is slipping out of her head? Or else some robot worm is drilling into her brain and causing her rather languid road rage?

I am loving a song called You Broke My Heart by a group called Lavender Diamond right now.

what if [Celeb name here] were one of us?

It’s kind of sad and low-self-esteemy that both Matthew Perry and Charlie Sheen are using sites for rich guys. They surely have other things to offer a lady; they’re not just rich. They’re, hmm, let’s see, oh yeah, they’re famous!

Other celebs who supposedly online date: Joan Rivers, Joan Osborne (that’s the headline joke), Joan Baez (not really, just trying to keep the Joan thing going), the lead singer from Soul Coughing Mike Doughty, and Alec Baldwin.

not like rateyourdate.com at all

Oh wah, wah, wah, poor doctors don’t like patients talking about them online. Well, tough! The power relationship is so unbalanced compared to dating — we (people who are sick) give them (doctors) lots of money and are completely vulnerable to them. We could get a second opinion, if we want to spend even more money and hear even more conflicting, scary stuff.

I think online doctor accountability is a great idea. Part of why health care is so unfixable incrementally is because it refuses to behave like a market, one of the problems being it’s not so easy to comparison shop and just take your business elsewhere if you’re dissatisfied. True Canadian-style single-payer health care is the only way to go. As long as the insurance companies are involved, it’ll never get fixed.

What happened to Hillary Clinton in the early 90s wasn’t her fault, the insurance companies would have crushed anyone. Neither she nor Obama could/would/will make any meaningful improvement to health care as President.

OK, end of off-topic rant by dating-maven-slash-underinsured-pinko-freelancer.

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