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doing it like rabbits, or kangaroos

This is hilarious and rings true to me (pounding away endlessly, even to an awesome Led Zep album, is cli-i-i-mb-ing a sta-air-way to Yeast Infection).

Speaking of Australia, I’m reading Peter Carey’s His Illegal Self, a strange and beautiful book about a young son of SDS leaders being kidnapped away from his Park Avenue grandmother and dragged to Australia (Carey’s an Aussie).

seahoorsis fahevah

topicality reach for random Web thing I love, uh, if I found out my upcoming online date made this video I would be psyched.

Genius! Thanks Pat!

Oh yeah, not safe for work with the sound up, kinda potty-mouthed.

closing the deal, shooting to kill

the business-love analogy is depressing enough, and then one of the business guys uses the “whites of their eyes” to describe the advantage of speed-investing. As in “don’t shoot til you see the whites of their eyes.” Nice.

true, necessary, kind

one of the intriguing things in this article about lying. That trinity is the very end of the article — therapists’ 2-out-of-3 criteria for truthfulness. Seems that a lot of white lies wouldn’t pass the “necessary” test, so if people followed that there might be a lot more “Yes, you DO look fat” or equivalents thereof. And I’m a big honesty booster, but who needs that? (The trinity does sound good on the surface though.)

Stat I doubt: 24 percent of men and 13 percent of women lie about their age online. Oh Moses, Moses, Moses, you naive thing.

Part white

I felt pegged by the stuff on this list things white people like that’s not conspicuous consumption. No designer chairs or kids taking French and I listen to more WFMU than NPR, BUT I just saw and liked Be Kind Rewind featuring white people faves Gondry and Mos Def. Dogs, living near water, indie rock, check.

Actually the same blog would work fine if it were called Stuff Yuppies Like (or whatever yuppies are called now).

I didn’t read the whole list, but I could see (prepare for topicality reach) online dating and speed dating being on there — these are obviously less appealing to anyone who’s been racially profiled.

And speaking of, here’s something else white people like: dating other white people!

Thanks for the link to Leticia, who has a lovely store full of gorgeous, affordable things in Boerum Hill, check it out.

Valentines Day reads

Last V-day it was my book you had to read; this year it’s Gabriel Cohen‘s (the Buddhism-and-divorce book, Storms Can’t Hurt the Sky is the holiday-themed one, but the others rock too), Janice Erlbaum‘s, Felicia Sullivan‘s, and Judy McGuire’s. I’ve read the first three and they’re great; I was interviewed for Judy’s and I’m pretty sure did not make the cut, as she has some very, very funny stories.

Oh, and there’s no law against buying/reading my book if you haven’t, either. It’s got whatever you need to get you through heart-shaped Hallmark Thursday: tales of romantic bewilderment and bitter disappointment AND ones that end happily ever after.

Happy Valentines Day.

a man who’s glad his hairline is receding!

because that could get him down to 95 percent hair-covered.

I like this guy’s chances online. Let’s face it, cats are much better-looking than people and why? Because fur is prettier than skin. Some open-minded Chinese cat lady will dig a man she can pet.

so does this make you a fame whore or

a fame john, if you pay to seem famous

The deluxe package is they chase you into a tunnel and make your car crash. That would get a lot of ink.

I’ll take Kansas over Oz

reading this post and comments from the Sydney Herald, I was catapulted (boomeranged?) back to a trip I took to Australia in the 90s for two weeks with a fellow I didn’t know very well. He was quite nice, generous, and gracious; it was nice to travel with a native and not be a tourist.

We stayed with several couples, friends of his, on our journey north from Sydney to Brisbane and I noticed that the men were nice in general, but really nasty to their wives and girlfriends. They’d call them “cow” and “pig” and roll their eyes at anything they said. The joke was always how dumb or inept or otherwise inferior the birds were to the blokes. It was like being in The Honeymooners or some other ancient sitcom. I kept waiting for one of these smart, funny, appealing women to give the men some shit back. I’d look at them whenever these zingers were launched and they weren’t laughing along. They looked somewhat angry but more hurt.

But they never protested. The misogyny was internalized in a way that I see again in this comment thread — and the story itself, by a woman, that blithely calls “scary” and “twisted” and “makes their skin crawl” rather innocuous behaviors by women like asking someone out, trying to decode a date, or — horrors — being funny.

Toward the end of the trip, I asked my traveling companion, who didn’t know me well enough to slag me, but did join his mates in ridiculing their women, “Why do you all do that?” He seemed to genuinely not know what I was talking about and when I explained, he sputtered, “It’s just joking, they don’t mind.” I said, “Look at their faces next time they’re being ‘joked’ at — they do so mind.”

A remark I heard a lot on my trip was that Australia’s greatest export was feminists. I could see why they left. Consumer culture here is pretty misogynist and in some ways getting worse, but flying back, I was grateful for American men who from my limited travels to Australia and Europe, do seem the least sexist in the world. (I haven’t spent time in Scandanavia, which seems to get lots of other social/cultural/political stuff right, so perhaps that’s gender Valhalla.)

and damn those noisy horseless carriages, too

It’s rare that I’m calling someone else a Luddite — I’m still hoping that cell phones are a phase and that we shall one day return to making plans and sticking to them, by gum.

But this — presumably by a college student!— makes me feel like Techie McFuture. My faves are “the creep has the hots for her”; the assertion that anything but “turtle-paced” courtship is objectifying; and finally that we are in the (dawn of the) 20th century.

Those Picasso “portraits” don’t even look like real people!

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