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on Internet radio this Sunday at 7 pm: Me!

you can listen to me on Writers Revealed with Felicia Sullivan here on Sunday 7/8/07 at 7 pm and thereafter. We’ll be chatting about writing and dating and maybe I’ll critique some profiles.

Felicia’s not only a radio personality, but has a great memoir coming out this winter. I guarantee it will stop you complaining about your own mother.

Women Aloud Interview

Virginia talks to Women Aloud in its April 13, 2007, edition.

P.S. [from VV]: Mo and Shana are great hosts, my most fun radio interviewers yet.

VV at her gloomiest + Swedish + Marvin Gaye = WTF?

Foxy freelancer Katarina Andersson is splashing me all over Swedish media. As a typical monolingual American, I can only assume that the Aftonbladet article is as no-sun-for-months depressing as my English snippets in the radio piece.

I want to tell the Swedes, Hey, it’s not that bad! There are happy stories in my book too!

Podcast of WGN Chicago interview

Got the power of the A.M. on WGN-Chicago, got the turnpike, got the radio on! It was a live interview on the 6-degree Saturday night before Valentine’s Day. I’d had a couple glasses of wine, but I did not, as Alberto feared, slur to DJ Nick, “I love you man, let’s meet.”

podcast of interview with PsychJourney

Had a nice chat today with Deborah Harper of PsychJourney, also posted at psychology podcasts and social science podcasts.

Attention pod people!

Here’s me reading Chapter 15 from I Love You, Let’s Meet: Adventures in Online Dating.