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pets drain my energy

this discriminating fellow was entertaining enough to bring me out of blog retirement (that and I’m procrastinating on my blind date book. Again, SEND ME YOUR BLIND DATE STORIES).

Actually, going out to California to meet this guy who’s about to become a billionaire turning health care, computers, agriculture, etc. into THE LIGHT would be a fascinating date.

Have at him, goddess-ladies.

too late to mate?

It IS still cold, in New York anyway. I don’t know about in Pakistan.

“I sink maybe you need serapy.””

that’s my Dr. Ruth imitation. Good on J-Date for landing her. I fear she will be dismayed by the inhumanity, or if that’s too melodramatic, the chilliness of online dating

gold diggers + arm candy eaters

I think the tendency of these two types of pond scum to mate just cleans up the dating pool for normal people.

May their soulless unions thrive!

profile advice list #576,982

pretty reasonable tips overall, but do we really want profile advice from Ronald Reagan? The guy was borderline incoherent; calling him the Great Communicator was like calling Nixon likable or Bush II an intellectual.

And I guess it makes sense to “test your picture on hotornot” but what if you’re not hot? Airbrush? Use someone else’s picture?

I also like that they say to avoid cliches “like the plague.”

Enough bitchiness for the day. TTFN

yenta to a continent

OK, Canada apparently has extra women. (as does the East Coast of the U.S.; more dudes out West.)

Meanwhile, I’d guess that the new nerd site has more guys.

So, DUH! Canadian ladies, write the geeks. Geeks, write the lady Canucks.

My work here is done.

new radio show about authors and books

oh, and what a coincidence, I’ll be a guest in July!

Hey, I trash-pick

“Your trash is someone else’s treasure” seems a little harsh, but the yenta urge is one I always encourage.

Whenever one suggests handing off a guy, the yentee’s first question is of course, “So why didn’t you want him?” But maybe another way to approach it is to look at all the great couples you know. Would you necessarily mesh with your gender-appropriate half of that couple? And if not, does that make him a bad prospect? Thank you, I rest my case.

JRetro is trumpeting this “new development” a little too excitedly: My friends and I have been forwarding each other profiles for years. Even gentiles do this.

the bride wore crotchless panties

this hilarious press release does make you ponder that one, accidental marriage, doesn’t it?

Women Aloud Interview

Virginia talks to Women Aloud in its April 13, 2007, edition.

P.S. [from VV]: Mo and Shana are great hosts, my most fun radio interviewers yet.

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