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I Love You, Let's Meet

watch a cooking date

sort of a good idea for a date activity (all except for being filmed!)

when the “Real you” is an android

rather commonsense advice (which characterizes the whole dating-advice industry. And the diet-book industry, too: How do books keep getting into the bestseller list that are simply riffs on Eat less, Move more?) from e-harmony. If a person acts like a big jerk, don’t marry him/her. Thanks, Dr. Warren.

But check out the picture, doesn’t it look like a metal rod is slipping out of her head? Or else some robot worm is drilling into her brain and causing her rather languid road rage?

I am loving a song called You Broke My Heart by a group called Lavender Diamond right now.

Step. Away. From. The. Computer.

guess that last line didn’t work, seeing as how this post has been viewed over 10,000 times!

“Genuine and trustworthy” more butch than “Warm and kind”

check the second question in this interview. If women are shunning warm and kind men because they seem like sissies, then I don’t want to hear them complain about their dating life. Ditto to any men saying, “she looks good, all except for that trustworthiness, that’s just not hot.” or “I’d like her if she were just a little more fake.”
Note to warm and kind men: You rule! And I know a lot of other women who are with me! (Genuine and trustworthy is kind of essential in any mate — or friend — too. How did these most basic human qualities get gendered anyway?)

selling those goofy Facebook apps

who knew? read this thing about the Easter Eggs application’s quick rise and sale.

I wonder if the Zombie and Vampire inventors got rich.

what if [Celeb name here] were one of us?

It’s kind of sad and low-self-esteemy that both Matthew Perry and Charlie Sheen are using sites for rich guys. They surely have other things to offer a lady; they’re not just rich. They’re, hmm, let’s see, oh yeah, they’re famous!

Other celebs who supposedly online date: Joan Rivers, Joan Osborne (that’s the headline joke), Joan Baez (not really, just trying to keep the Joan thing going), the lead singer from Soul Coughing Mike Doughty, and Alec Baldwin.

not how I’d choose to get into MOMA

but I might have snuck in there via this art piece — and so might you have, fellow online dater!

There I am, that dark pink balloon on the left.

date my books

a couple people have sent me this essay about some pretty bitchy-sounding people (especially the one who calls “life-changing experiences” “tedious” — How ironic in an article about judging people as shallow by their books that this bookish lady insists her dates keep it shallow!)

And what a gaping hole in this piece that the writer not once mentions being drawn to someone because you both love the same book! Which is why I vastly prefer this essay.

not like rateyourdate.com at all

Oh wah, wah, wah, poor doctors don’t like patients talking about them online. Well, tough! The power relationship is so unbalanced compared to dating — we (people who are sick) give them (doctors) lots of money and are completely vulnerable to them. We could get a second opinion, if we want to spend even more money and hear even more conflicting, scary stuff.

I think online doctor accountability is a great idea. Part of why health care is so unfixable incrementally is because it refuses to behave like a market, one of the problems being it’s not so easy to comparison shop and just take your business elsewhere if you’re dissatisfied. True Canadian-style single-payer health care is the only way to go. As long as the insurance companies are involved, it’ll never get fixed.

What happened to Hillary Clinton in the early 90s wasn’t her fault, the insurance companies would have crushed anyone. Neither she nor Obama could/would/will make any meaningful improvement to health care as President.

OK, end of off-topic rant by dating-maven-slash-underinsured-pinko-freelancer.

doing it like rabbits, or kangaroos

This is hilarious and rings true to me (pounding away endlessly, even to an awesome Led Zep album, is cli-i-i-mb-ing a sta-air-way to Yeast Infection).

Speaking of Australia, I’m reading Peter Carey’s His Illegal Self, a strange and beautiful book about a young son of SDS leaders being kidnapped away from his Park Avenue grandmother and dragged to Australia (Carey’s an Aussie).

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