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I Love You, Let's Meet » press


February 2008 Style Weekly of Richmond, VA, digs up ILYLM for its first anniversary Valentines Day to call it “wickedly funny.”


Fall 2007 WhatzUp: Heartland Art, Entertainment and Recreation calls me a dysfunctional snob and a “relationship-disabled” “train wreck” but my insights are “sharp and critical.”

5/21/07 Nerve.com calls ILYLM “the definitive book on online dating” and “profound.”

4/26/07 Dating Goddess commends me for not making fun of my dates or interviewees, and a commenter calls the video “required viewing” for any new online dater. (I wish!)

3/26/07 Surrender, Dorothy says that VV “writes like a sex columnist, a sociologist, an anthropologist and a college student trying to find herself in Rhetoric 111” (101? Ill? III?)

March 2007 Cinchouse.com (for “military wives and women in uniform”) calls ILYLM “light but sincere” and “better than vetting Match.com profiles for your girlfriend”

3/3/07 Sweden’s Aftonbladet says I’m/calls me “tar upp baksidorna av nätdejting.”I know, I was shocked too.

February 07 The Romance Readers Connection gives me a 3 and warns the “faint of heart” about my language.

2/22/07 Brooklyn Record crowns me Brooklynite of the Week! Norman Mailer reportedly outraged, wants to kick my ass.

2/18/07 San Francisco Chronicle calls me “an empathetic and excellent guide.”

2/14/07 Express (Washington Post) interview

2/7/07 Scottish Website, Monsters and Critics, says ILYLM is not shite.

2/7/07 The Northeastern News tells the students to buy it.

2/3/07 Blogcritics is convinced, then unconvinced to sign up on nerve. Here’s part two of that interview.

2/5/07 New Yorker mentions ILYLM
OK, this is just a listing for the Sundays at Sunny’s reading. But it’s my name in the New Yorker!

2/2/07 Seattle Weekly’s Dategirl Goes There“Hearing this kind of nonsense (and there was more, believe me!) made me all the happier to pick up Virginia Vitzthum’s entertaining and totally-on-the-money treatise on online dating, I Love You, Let’s Meet (Little Brown).”

1/30/07 Armchair Reviews says “Read It”
“Her opinions and observations are astute and intelligent. She says that the big online dating sites are discouraging a dater to be more honest, confessional and curious.”

1/29/07 The Gazette (Montreal)
Feels My Pain: “The New York-based writer’s first foray into e-courtship was wonderful, she recalls in the prologue. She and a man she calls Nick emailed 10 or 15 times a day for two weeks. They came to feel intimate even though they had never laid eyes on one another. And when they did meet, it was a fiasco.”

February issue of Elle (Gwen Stefani cover)
“Each of Vitzthum’s candid interviews and anecdotes prompts a promiscuous hunger for more, and her sly wit snakes itself around her astute reflections, balancing innate optimism with the shrewd nudge-nudge of an older sister….she is a quixotic critic, and she relays success stories with the earnestness of a true romantic.”

1/22/07 BestSellersWorld.Com
Calls ILYLM a Should-Read for Singles“All sixteen online daters mentioned in this book do not turn out to be 100% successful but that is to be expected. The author gives the reader both the pros and cons If you are thinking about online dating and at the same time would like an interesting read, this is the book for you!”

1/21/07 Grateful Dating
Blog Hearts ILYLM but Disses Acronym Use
“In the vein of Unhooked Generation but much less pretentious….Ms. Vitzthum effectively captures the pathos involved in the search for love. I enjoyed reading about the successes and failures of people who sincerely tried to make their online meetings evolve into something in real life. I also found the author very sympathetic because, like me, most of her online dates haven’t evolved into more than a second date. The book is very well written. The stories were interesting, compelling and humorous. It reads like a novel even though there isn’t a narrative thread….My one quibble is the use of ‘RL’ instead of ‘real life.’ In an actual book, I’d rather have the words spelled out.”

1/18/07 Until Monday:BKLN‘s
Cheryl Burke Interviews Virginia “Weaving her own experiences in with those of her interviewees, Vitzthum creates an engaging set of narratives that make for a real page-turner. Much like an online date, I chatted with Vitzthum over e-mail about her new book…”

12/18/06 Publishers Weekly
Vitzthum has left no stone unturned in the world of online dating, from her love/hate relationship with the hipster-oriented Nerve.com to the facts behind the “science” of matching sites like eHarmony.com and Match.com and the musings of a charming, well-educated, British Craigslist addict. While the book contains both fairy tales and horror stories, Vitzthum’s case studies and interviews fall somewhere in the middle, a reflection of her own ambivalence about this world of “people-shoppers.” More of a meditation than a guide, this volume combines research and the author’s personal experiences into a genuinely funny and informative read. (Feb. 1) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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  1. kmcleod on March 27th, 2007

    “Rhetoric 111” is the final installment of the “Chronicles of Rhetoric” trilogy.

  2. Steve on August 25th, 2007

    My apologies in advance, I could not find a contact link. I thought you might find this article interesting: